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General discussion / RRC Micro & K3
« on: 2015-05-18, 13:26:40 »
Hi - I recently bought an RRC-Micro and RRC-1258MkIIs (for remote radio) and have been having limited success hooking this up to a K3.

Testing so far has been on the LAN behind a router - ie. the RRC-1258 is hooked up via an ethernet cable to the back of the router, as is a PC running Win 8.1 Pro 64 bit. I've also got a small notebook that connects wirelessly to the router.

Where necessary I've made cables to connect the K3 to the RRC-1258 - in addition to standard audio cables and an RS232 cable. All these cables have been scrutinised and tested many times so I don't think there are any issues there.

Anyway - in a nutshell, the problem is this:

  • When I configure and run the PC-Client software, I receive the rig's audio perfectly - so perfectly that I can copy JT65 signals by connecting RRC-Micro to a virtual audio cable - perfect!
  • When I try to open COM2 over the network using Omnirig, I get a brief burst of activity where the frequency of the rig is passed back to the Omnirig application over the open virtual comport - and then it endlessly polls the K3 for frequency and general information without receiving a reply

Back in the good old days of real COM ports, the symptoms would be diagnosed as buffer full or perhaps the flow-control has latched-on - but with these virtual comports, it's hard to say what is going on.

This is so, so close to working - it's very frustrating.

Just for fun, I've attached a screen shot that shows what happens when the comport gets opened - I turned the debug flag on in PC-Client and ran a tail on the debug logfile - you can see the point at which PC-Client stops getting replies. t=20:52:18

I've fiddled and fussed with the RRC-1258 web client settings, tried early versions of the PC Client - all without effect.
Sadly, I don't have an RRC-1258 I can use at the control end to test the link another way.

Any ideas?

regards, Julian VK4CMV

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