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General discussion forum / Expert 1K-FA web control anomaly
« on: 2016-01-05, 19:02:03 »
Sometimes when I switch my 1K-FA on remotely via RC-1216H web page, it does not start up correctly. Or maybe it does, but at least all items in control screen don't appear correctly. I have attached two images to visualize the situation. Capture1.jpg shows the control screen when amp has been just remotely contacted and is switched off. Capture2.jpg shows how the control screen sometimes ends up like after ON button has been pushed to turn amp on. Green light in upper right corner in both images is flashing, captured image just cannot show this. Only way to make all control items appear correctly after pushing ON button is to remove power momentarily from both the amp and RC-1216H (=reset).

Any ideas?

Juha, OH1MLZ

General discussion / RRC-Micro CW macro problem
« on: 2015-10-30, 09:01:37 »
1. RRC-Micro v1.8.0.0
2. Hardware dongle 1274B
3. Operating system Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64-bit
4. At remote site RRC-1258 MkII with FW version 2.86 and K3 radio

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Open RRC-Micro client
2. Set up this CW macro: CFMUR5NN5NNDEOH1MLZTU
3. Other CW settings: speed 35 WPM, delay 50, weight 30
4. Send the macro: it works normally and color coding of sent message turns from yellow to blue in syncronization with sent CW
5. Close RRC-Micro by hitting the red disconnect button but do not close the client
6. Wait for few seconds
7. Push connect to reconnect
8. Send the macro: what happens is that color coding of sent message turns from yellow to blue NOT in syncronization with sent CW, actually much faster AND sent CW message on air is: CFMUR5NN5NNDEO1Z

Feature Requests / My wish list
« on: 2015-10-08, 09:53:34 »
1. Support for CW with paddle.
2. Support for direct RTTY keying of K3 (mode FSK-D) using virtual com port (similar to RTTY serial channel of RRC1258 via USB com port).
3. Ability for PC client to start without microphone plugged in.

73, Juha OH1MLZ

1. I have two Prosistel D control boxes with RC-1216H's remote controlling them.
2. Control box A is controlled by RC-1216H having SW version 4.13 and hardware version 2.
3. Control box B is controlled by RC-1216H having SW version 4.18 and hardware version 2.
4. I don't have here SW or HW versions of control boxes but box A is few years older than B.
5. Sometimes when I turn antenna remotely (after turn is completed) with box B it happens that the field where wanted bearing in degrees is to be written becomes greyed out and it says "DISABLED" above the rotor image.
6. Pushing power ON/OFF button causes red message "Initialization in progress" to happen but the situation above does not go away.
7. Only way to put remote control back in operation is to remove power from RC-1216H and control box. I can only remove power remotely from both of them at the same time so I cannot say if removing power from just the other one would be enough.
8. This problem never appears with box A.
9. RC-1216 with SW version 4.18 was purchased just few weeks ago. This version seems not to be available for download yet...

73, Juha OH1MLZ

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