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Hi !

I have one question about IC-7100 and RR and CAT Control.
I must say it works wonderful - radio shack with 5GHz WLAN with public IP 4/2Mbps - other side in my home via ftth.

Is there any chance for POWER ON  button in remoterig web interface or small area for CAT command via COM0 ?

I'm using in two ways my setup - with remote rig + radiohead + mic or only with PC in radio shack with cw/ssb/digi from PC connected to TRX. (also in second case radiohead is connected via RR)

TRX USB here is used for HRD / WSJT / audio in/out
TRX CI-V jack is used for omniRIG (HD SDR / panadapter - IF tap)

COM1 from RR I have for diy arduino rotor controller. workes quite good.

I can switch OFF radio via CI-V or USB (HRD / TRX manager) - but no chance for power ON when radiohead is away via RR.
If I had radiohead connected directly to radio no problem at all with power ON via CAT command from PC.

Product 1258
Version 7
HW 8
Software 2.87
Bootloader 1.10

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