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General discussion / Install does not setup com port
« on: 2016-03-03, 18:52:37 »
I  have installed RRC Micro on a windows 10 laptop. Under PC Com Port there are no ports shown. They are not shown under Devices and Printers either. What do I need to to to install the virtual com ports?

General / Port=713000 pop up on connect
« on: 2016-02-21, 02:05:37 »
When I try to connect I get a pop up "Port=713000" and nothing else. The radio I working very well now under K30 control even mobile. K30 turned off before attempting access with nano.

73 Brian KF6C.

General discussion forum / remote scanning of ports
« on: 2016-02-20, 21:18:06 »
I am getting breaks in the audio of my K30 RRC1258 set up. It appears to be due to remotes scanning the ports of which was the IP of the Radio RRC. I have changed the IP and the port number of the 1258 but the scanning activity on is still disrupting the audio. I no longer have any port forwarding shown for in the router setup. I cannot find any setting on the router which can fix this problem. The router is Netgear AC1900 model R7000. I have see articals that suggest that that consumer router many not have enough security. Am I missing something, does anyone have any suggestions for solving this  or a recommended router that can prevent this scanning from braking the audio.

73 Brian KF6C

General discussion forum / Nano License
« on: 2016-02-20, 16:57:45 »
How do I download the license for Nano?

I have had my Elecraft K30 set up for about a month.

Although it worked out of the box on my LAN it has rarely worked over the Internet. High speed cable link.

 I was trying to fix breaks in the audio, playing with audio quality settings, when communication between the radio and control failed.

It no longer works over the LAN and is requiring a password, that I don't have and never used, to gain access to the radio on the LAN.

I could read info from both radio and control IP before the password issue.  At that time the sip IP was set to the LAN IP address and all settings looked as per Elecraft and Microbit manuals.

I would appreciate any information on why I need a password and a guide to diagnosis of a failed system.

73 Brian KF6C.

General / Invalid App License
« on: 2016-01-17, 19:02:33 »
I get an Invalid App License when I try to connect. It sometimes resets and works but I have not found what controls this. I have only had the app for about 2 weeks. I would like to buy a License but nothing happens when I check the License ID (41fa).

I tried on a different phone of the same type (Samsung S6) same result. I am using the IP of my router. If I try to use the DDNS provide by remoterig I get a SIP error wrong password.

General discussion forum / Cellular connection
« on: 2016-01-04, 18:11:49 »
I am trying to set up a remote using the K3S, K3/0 and the RRC-1258. The system works fine with both the remote and client hardwired to LAN. It also works with the client connected via an IOGEAR GWU627 wireless interface.
Samsung S6 but so far have not been able to make the wireless connection to either. The phone does not have WPS and the Z915 connects and immediately disconnects using WPS.  I have been told by IOGEAR support that they have a less than 1% I am looking for a method to connect the client (k3/0) to GSM (T-Mobile). I have tried ZTE Z915 and success rate with connection to the major carriers, and I am still waiting for a reply from higher tech support of the ZTE device.  Does anyone know of a good solution for connecting the client via GSM?
I have also installed the RRC Nano on  the S6 but it does not appear to connect. (do I need a license to make the connection). The conditions of this test were with the K3S and RRC 1258 MkII connected to the LAN and working and then changing the SIP contact IP to that of the External IP derived from
I have also installed the RRC micro but receive an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." error when trying to start the program. My computer is a Razer Blade Laptop running windows 10. The installation did not proceed well as there are background programs running that the installation program could not close.  I tried both Automatically close applications and Ignore when that failed. The computer had been restarted before installation was tried.
I would appreciate any help on any of these problems.
Thanks Brian KF6C.

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