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Configuration, RRC 1258 / Yaesu FT-991 Setup
« on: 2016-06-20, 08:15:14 »
I have the RRC1258MkII/RRCMicro working with my Yaesu FT-450D.  I have been operating from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain without any issues.  I purchased a new FT-991 swapped out the FT-450D.  Set the comports to the same speed as the FT-450.  Started RRCMicro, logged into the RRC1258MkII but the FT-991 did not power up like the FT-450D. 

What am I missing? 

Has anyone setup a Yaesu FT-991 with the RRC1258MkII?   I have connected the RRC1258MkII to my new FT-991.  When I start RRC-Micro it

General discussion forum / 1216L Setup
« on: 2016-02-20, 05:02:33 »
Hi I have a Yaesu G-450A.  I am trying to set it up with the RRC-1216H with the 1216L.  I have follow the online instructions.  But I do not see the A/D value changing during the calibration .  The A/D shows 1, 2, or a 3.... do not see it change beyond this.  I have disconnected the pot from the the 1216L, and manually actuated the rotater.  The Multimeter show the resistance rise from near zero to about 20 K.  Below is the system Information:
Company   Microbit
Product   1216H WebSwitch
Model   HAM
Software   4.23
Hardware   3
Bootloader   1.12
Build   Nov 3 2015 09:01:45
1216L   HW >= 5, FW 5
S/N   3130
PID   4
Uptime   0 Days, 0 Hours, 22 Mins, 11 Secs
MAC   00:1e:fd:00:ca:12
IP address
Max available memory   18201
DNS status   OK, =
Dynamic DNS status   Inactive
NTP status   Disabled
Rotator status   Initialized
Ping status (watchdog)   Off
Active profile   Default
Last WD Reset   5
TCP Error counter   0

My main concern is the A/D is not tracking the change in resistance...

I have been working to setup my Yaesu FT-450 for remote control.  My initial setup used an Yaesu SCU-17 interface.  Both Yaesu PCC-450 and HAM Radio Deluxe both have been configured for a serial ports setup as 38400, 8,1, N.  Both control packages work locally.  When I tried to use it over the Internet the audio and transmit voice did not work well.  To solve this problem I want an independent interface machine that is accessible through the Internet.  The solution I want to implement is based on the RemoteRig hardware and software with HAM Radio Deluxe.

I have RRC-Micro setup and connecting to the RRC-1258MkII.  When I start up RRC-Micro on my PC, it turns-on the FT-450.  I have both audio and transmit capabilities.  When RRC-Micro starts-up the application initializes three virtual serial communication ports which are linked over Ethernet to the RRC-1258MkII.  I mapped the RRC-1258MkII Communication Port 2 to the RRC-Micro Communication Port 0 (COM0) and connected to one of the virtual serial communication port to COM0.  I set the communication parameters to match the standard for the Yaesu radio used by HAM Radio Deluxe, 8-bits, 2-stop bits, and no parity at 38400 bps.

I have not been able to connect either PCC-450 or HAM Radio Deluxe to the FT-450.  I recorded video for the three test to show how the system is configured and the results.  They have been uploaded to YouTube and the links are below:

PCC-450 Test 00with RRC-Micro to a RRC-1258MkII with communications parameters of 38400, 8, 1, N.

PCC-450 Test 01 with RRC-Micro to a RRC-1258MkII with communications parameters of 38400, 8, 2, N.

HAM Radio Deluxe Test 00with RRC-Micro to a RRC-1258MkII with communications parameters of 38400, 8, 2, N.

The fact that the SCU-17 communication ports work with both PCC-450 and HAM Radio Deluxe makes me wonder if there is an issue with the RRC-Micro virtual communication ports or is there an issues with how HAM Radio Deluxe connect to and manages the virtual communication port, or I missed something.
Thank you for your help.

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