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Dear all,
first of all let me say again thanks to everyone for the continuos support you offer.

I am quite happy of my RRC - I have finally found my correct setup.

I have just one issue, quite difficult to explain but I will try.

Everytime I every xx hours my LAN crashes - I need to restart my router! because the LAN cable looks disconnected.
I need to restart again the router and then the interface get the correct IP by DCHCP.

Any hints?


Hello everyone
thanks first of all for this device and for this FORUM that help users like me with some issues.

My remote control (the one with the panel of my TS 480) is working well but intermittently.

Today (as other times) I encounter this issue:
1) I press ON on the panel of TS 480
2) the interface get the LED (I mean the AUX/MIC) YELLOW colour
3) nothing happens.

This is the first screenshot (before I press ON)
and the second screenshot (after I press ON)

General discussion forum / Connection Faulty - Stalled
« on: 2018-09-16, 20:37:32 »
Hello everyone

I finally managed to get the two interfaces connected.
But... I've this error

Can somebody help?

Hello everyone,

I have setup my RRC with the DDNS
even if I can manage to remotely see the interface at this address

So, I also added the IP of the interface (given by the router) into the DMZ setting of the router.'s not working at all.

Can anyone give me some insights?


I am enjoying my Kenwood TS 480 remotely ... France / Italy.
That's nice. Now I would like to use my straight key and my signalink usb interface.

So first question: I read on the manual I should connect the key to the rear of my radio RRC and I should set the manual software to "squeech key" -  (old key). Then I should activate VOX on the kenwood TS 480 and i should use a stereo plug. Is this correct? It doesn't work though!

About the PSK31 / sstv - should I connect the signalink to the kenwood ts 480 body ?


Hello everybody,
I finally configured my kenwood TS 480sat to work with remote rig.
Excellent - I am so happy.

There is only one problem now.

The internal auto tuner of the kenwood TS 480 doesn't work. On the roof I have a HF antenna that should be resonant for 20 - 40 meters band. It works: I can hear distinct CW and USB QSOs. When I want to tune.. because I have higher SWR I press just once and beeps saying in CW SWR !

I tried other 2 antennas - a long wire and another vertical HF antenna but.... NEVER WORKS!

I just reset to factory the KEWNOOD TS 480 ...but still doesn't work. Any suggestions?


 :PHello to everybody.
Thanks for reading my request of help.

I own a kenwood ts 480 plus two remoterigs devices. Last software version mounted on.
I successfully transmitted (france to italy) remotely - through direct IP connection (I asked to my father to give me his IP number and open DMZ on the router) I am trying to setup the DDNS service offered by remorerig. It doesn't work. I don' tunderstand why.
Is there something I should know? The device created, as written in the manual, an user name and password and I copied and pasted the name of the server...on the control device... but still doesn't work.

Any suggestions?


Hello somebody help a poor ham who's trying to transmit via remorerig with his KENWOOD T 480?

I have TS 480 configured with remote rig and... everything is working except MIC.
Everytime I try to transmit, the led PTT becomes red but... I cannot modulate : the frequency shifts up of khz ...

What's going on?
I saw the instructions : it looks like I did everything well. The jumper 1 is the only one OFF (thing is out).
The other 3 JMP are with the thing on.

Thanks in advance

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