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General discussion forum / Connection Faulty - Stalled
« on: 2018-09-16, 20:37:32 »
Hello everyone

I finally managed to get the two interfaces connected.
But... I've this error

Can somebody help?

Hello everyone,

I have setup my RRC with the DDNS
even if I can manage to remotely see the interface at this address

So, I also added the IP of the interface (given by the router) into the DMZ setting of the router.'s not working at all.

Can anyone give me some insights?


I am enjoying my Kenwood TS 480 remotely ... France / Italy.
That's nice. Now I would like to use my straight key and my signalink usb interface.

So first question: I read on the manual I should connect the key to the rear of my radio RRC and I should set the manual software to "squeech key" -  (old key). Then I should activate VOX on the kenwood TS 480 and i should use a stereo plug. Is this correct? It doesn't work though!

About the PSK31 / sstv - should I connect the signalink to the kenwood ts 480 body ?


Hello everybody,
I finally configured my kenwood TS 480sat to work with remote rig.
Excellent - I am so happy.

There is only one problem now.

The internal auto tuner of the kenwood TS 480 doesn't work. On the roof I have a HF antenna that should be resonant for 20 - 40 meters band. It works: I can hear distinct CW and USB QSOs. When I want to tune.. because I have higher SWR I press just once and beeps saying in CW SWR !

I tried other 2 antennas - a long wire and another vertical HF antenna but.... NEVER WORKS!

I just reset to factory the KEWNOOD TS 480 ...but still doesn't work. Any suggestions?


 :PHello to everybody.
Thanks for reading my request of help.

I own a kenwood ts 480 plus two remoterigs devices. Last software version mounted on.
I successfully transmitted (france to italy) remotely - through direct IP connection (I asked to my father to give me his IP number and open DMZ on the router) I am trying to setup the DDNS service offered by remorerig. It doesn't work. I don' tunderstand why.
Is there something I should know? The device created, as written in the manual, an user name and password and I copied and pasted the name of the server...on the control device... but still doesn't work.

Any suggestions?


Hello somebody help a poor ham who's trying to transmit via remorerig with his KENWOOD T 480?

I have TS 480 configured with remote rig and... everything is working except MIC.
Everytime I try to transmit, the led PTT becomes red but... I cannot modulate : the frequency shifts up of khz ...

What's going on?
I saw the instructions : it looks like I did everything well. The jumper 1 is the only one OFF (thing is out).
The other 3 JMP are with the thing on.

Thanks in advance

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