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General / Icom RRC Nano "license expired"
« on: 2018-01-11, 19:25:33 »
Ive been using the RRC Icom nano app very successfully for almost a year.  All of a sudden, when I try to connect, I get a message "license expired".  Has there been a change to the "unlimited" license?

General discussion / RRC Micro and Commcat rig control
« on: 2017-12-30, 22:39:14 »
I've been using HRD as rig control with RRC Micro and Icom 7100 at the base.
I've tried to use Commcat, but cannot connect.
Any suggestions, if this is possible?

I've successfully setup the RRC1258 MkII with my Icom 7100, with wifi, and it worked well all summer.  All of a sudden, I cannot get an internet connection either with an ethernet cable connection or via wifi.  Wifi sets up and I'm successfully seeing my wifi network. 
When I connect both the control head and the base unit directly to the dsl rounter, it works just fine, even when I'm logging in via  rather than directly to
I'm wondering if I actually have a failure in the control head unit.
Arnie W2HDI

PS - works great with the Nano app and my google pixel phone, as well as via my laptop and the soundcard. Now I just can't use it with the remote head of the IC 7100

General discussion / PSK and FT8 with PC Client
« on: 2017-08-18, 15:00:15 »
I am using PC Client with the "B" connector and Ham Radio Deluxe to operate my remote IC7100.  Receiving PSK is great, but I can't figure out how to key the transmitter.  What is the role of the "red" button?
I wonder if anyone has figured out how to operate the new FT8 mode using PC Client????
Arnie W2HDI

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