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Hi there,

I have been using successfully the 1.3K (last firmware october 2017) remote control with RC-1216H (firmware 4.27) displaying on a webpage. This is quite easy to use, works very well but does not permit all functions such as the ATU control. To be able to use the "Tune" function, I have set the SPE software (kterm) and followed the remote ring instruction to create a serial port. Eventually it work, when I connect, the web windows of remote rig displays "remoted" and I have 2 windows from kterm software (one that displays power and SWR, the other one for functions (including "Tune"). The problem I am facing is that that software is very slow, when I hit a function, I have to wait for 2 minutes before it is confirmed by display. I initially had set the connexion at max speed (115.000). I tried at other speed, ands it does not change anything. Is it a known bug ? This is not an internet issue since all other remote devices (transceiver, rotator aso work very well, including SPE 1.3K when I use the remote rig window). Is it a known issue, what can be done? I have the last version of all firmwares and SPE software. My windows OS is Windows 7.

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