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General discussion forum / Power failure
« on: 2019-08-07, 18:14:48 »
Where should I try find problem.
1258 Dont start when connect USB no any lights.
12 VDC AUX/MIC red and yellow lights are on, no green power led.
Two days ago it works fine.

And when 1258 is cold under zero it dont start at all.

General discussion forum / Humming, noise, brum etc
« on: 2017-09-06, 19:26:39 »
I am quite end with this remoterig pair with kenwood ts-480.
No mic lead connected in control rcc( pin 3 disconnected), power 5 W, dummyload. micgain 55,pumping noise disappears( when set to ab. 30) when turn micgain lower, can hear that brum still. When processor is on, noise is huge.
This pair were in remoterig for repair and should be okay.
When put microphone straight to radio sound is perfect.
Any hints
I think I forget my remotestation  dream

I assembled wifi and it  connect well to my 3 G router.
I have also lumia and samsung phones and there is both possible start wifi basestation but they don show in RCCwifi setup. Both have 4G connection.   My laptop see them.
Only my router tplink pop up?

any answer?

General / Control unit 8 voltge lost
« on: 2017-07-24, 13:00:33 »
Last time panel works fine 2-3 weeks ago. And was not connected anywhere.
Now there is not 8 V voltage in 6 pole connector 2 and 3 pins.
Where should I try find problem.
When control panel is connected to TS-480 it works normally.

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