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Dear all,

I have done a few searches in the forum but could not find the answer to this:

I have a remoterig with me in Oman, Middle East. Using a FT857D, it works if Im back in Netherlands at remote locations. Here in Oman I can not get it to work. I have tried a number of things like; from my office (no success, internet provided by Omantel), from my hotel (where I have registered the MAC of the remoterig). The remoterig with me here does get an IP from the hotel's DHCP but still I cannot switch my radio on at home. My ports are forwarded and I can even get into my remoterig box at home through the portforwarding. I am puzzled. I will attach a few screenshots from the rig side. I also have the ipconfig /all of the hotel but don't really want to share that here.

I hope someone has a solution.

Kind regards

Dear fellow Hams,

I am PD1EBS from Netherlands, working in Oman.

Is it possible to use Remote Rig for my Yaesu 857D located in Netherlands? Radio in Netherlands, operator (me) in Oman.

Oman has blocked VOiP services such as Skype and Whatsapp call. With a VPN this can be bypassed of course.

I can use Echolink normally without VPN by the way.

Can Remote Rig be used without to much hassle of VPN or Port Forwarding?

Regards Erik

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