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Dear remote friends,

my name is Stefan and I use a Remoterig HW version 6 since two weeks. I Use IC706 Mk2G. The previous owner of the rig used it with the same Hardware. I bought it as a set. So it may should work.

After replacing the modems by new fritz-boxes on both sites, the VPN network is working. I use Radio and Control in a DOCSIS Network. No public IP is necessary. The owner of the DOCSIS net is a "friend" of mine, so I could easy test every Up- and Download speed I wish. At the moment the radio has 2.6MB Upload and the control 4MB  ;D

Ok - the Remote-Rig is working too. I have done some nice QSO. But with audio problems. It sounds like the Internet is not fast enough. But I can not imagine that the problem is there! Ping 10ms to 30ms due to other traffic. The VPN net goeas directly over the CTMS.

The audio on the RX sounds good, sometimes it falters but that does not bother. The net is fast enough to use a medium (and sometimes high) audio quality with acceptable interruptions. Ok. No problem. Thats the way I like it.

The audio at the TX is cruel. The stream does not sound continuously. It is choppy. Overdriven. Wagging.

What I try to fix the problem is to play with:
- audio Quality at both sites. different combinations, no big difference. same sample rate
- Codec gain in and out at both sites
- jitter buffer and delay at both sites increase delay but no better audio
- packet size at both sites increase delay but no better audio
- RF power: 2W or 100W no difference
- firmware update - no change

What I do not understand is why there are no noticeable differences in the big range of config combinations. I expected to find on optimum. But the TX sound is poor - always.

Please tell me, what information about my setup and configs do you need? Please help me to find the Problem in the TX way. I read the 250 pages of manual up and down, no further idea.

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