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I've been delighted with the QSOs that I have made using the two RRC boxes and my TS-480. However, I do have an issue with loss of my connection to the radio. I may have perfect receive audio for 30 minutes, and then the "Incoming audio stream fail" red LED goes on, followed shortly thereafter by "SIP connection failed" light, and then the TS-480 panel goes off. A minute later, I can re-establish a connection, but, during that minute, I can't even access the radio's web status page with a desktop PC.  The failure can also occur during a radio transmission, which is more disturbing.

Each time, I can eventually re-establish a connection, and then return to Radio Bliss.

My setup is fairly standard, except that I use SIP port 5090 instead of 5060, because this guest house has a Motorola SBV5120 cable modem with a telephone connection. (The telephone was not in use when these failures have occurred. I have no idea which ports are used by the modem. Motorola is not much help.)
The cable modem is connected to a Belkin router, which has 2 LAN connections - desktop PC (on, but no one at the keyboard) and the RRC1258 Control. There are no wireless connections during this time.

Am I the only one with this experience? What can I do about it?

73, Dave - K3DX

General discussion forum / Wireless with laptop & RRC?
« on: 2010-08-05, 04:11:23 »
Back on 2010-03-02 (I think) Mike told us that we could use a wireless network by connecting the RRC to our laptop ethernet card (crossover cable, I presume,) and enabling WLAN sharing in the laptop. I need a little more guidance. In WinXP, are we talking about a network BRIDGE, or INTERNET CONNECTION SHARING, or something else? I have found some documents describing the WinXP bridge, and ICS, on the MicroSoft support site. I'm not sure which to use. Help!
73 Dave - K3DX


"...You connect the TS-480 Head to the RRC and then the RRC to your laptops Ethernet port. The WLAN interface in Windows should be setup as shared. Then it works. Of course it also depends on the quality of the Internet connection.
73 de mike"

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