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I‘m using a Kenwood TS-480 with two RRC-1258 MkII-Boxes and the Webswitch 1216H.
The COM 1 and 2 are used for CAT and an Expert-PA, so that I want to control my rotor (Yaesu G-1000) with the adapter cable 1216S.

The rotor works fine with the microbit html-page but to control it with a programm (HRD for example), I want to install the virtual COM port in the Microbit Setup Manager (v1.31).

I know the manual (, but nevertheless I have several questions:

What IP Address do I have to insert? The Address given by the DNS server (* Something else?

The OS is Win 7 and the TCP port (11182) is open in the router setup. Do I have to change something in the software firewall (Win firewall)?

When I insert a Serial Port, an IP Address and the TCP Port, I get the message that the Port was installed. When I press the refresh button, I get the message that the port is disconnected.

In the Windows device manager, the port is created (without a exclamation mark), but in the details the system says, that „it doesn‘t use any resources because there was an error“.

Is it possible at all to install the virtual port, when the Webswitch is at the remote place?

Many thanks in advance!

73s de Tom DL7AWO

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