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General discussion forum / RCC Radio won't let me in...
« on: 2019-11-25, 05:43:14 »
I had the system all working fine..a good friend used his RCC Control to login to my RCC Radio and it worked great also.  However he was unable to turn OFF the TS480 with his radio control head.  He rebooted everything...his 480, RCC, router luck.  I turned  the radio OFF with a wifi 110v socket (re-powered 12dc ps).  In a few minutes I tried to access...and no luck.  My remote camera shows the RCC did NOT power off (not plugged into the wifi socket haaa).  So is there anyway I can send a signal to reset the RCC Radio?  HE can hook right back something in the RCC Radio is not letting him 'go' when he powers it off.  I would think after a watchdog time it will recycle...apparently not.  It's been a couple of hours now and I still can't turn on the RCC Radio with the 480 head.  Of course I removed power from the RCC Control to reset it.  Once I try I get the 123 busy signal...error code from the 480 audio...then the yellow LED on the right of the AUX/MIC jack blinks until I unplug it and reboot.

I will be heading down to reset the RCC Radio tomorrow.  Any other ideas thoughs/suggestionis?


I'm using a RR RC1258 2 box system one at the remote, one at home QTH.  The remote head is connected to the remote RCC1258 and all is working fine for SSB communications.  I now want to hook up my PC to the 480 / RCC1258 480 Head.  How do I do that?  I use one USB cable with my ic7300 and it works fine with the WSJT and JTAlert software.  Anyone have a checklist to help?


IN other words, can I buy the RCC twins and get them up and running with my IC7300...and if I want a different radio later can I use the same RCC-1258Mklls twins on the new radio (like a TS 480 with detachable head?)

I have another ham friend that will also need access to the shared remote RCC1258 at the remote end.  What does HE need to buy...another set or ONE box? 

So does the RCC1258 come with windows software that I install on my PC to go remote?  I have the radio remoted with a station 35 miles away so all access will be thru the net. 


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