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General discussion forum / Writelog and FSK
« on: 2013-03-20, 01:48:59 »
I am trying to use Writelog with MMTTY to operate FSK RTTY.  I have the K3/0 Control, K3 Remote, notebook computer connected via hardware COM 5 to Control RRC COM1 and the RRC 1258 MkIIs units working fine on SSB and CW. 

I also have MMTTY standalone working OK with the following settings:
TX-->PTT&FSK -COM9 (which is my COMFSK port as seen in Win 7 Device Manager)
Radio Command -->PORT = NONE, DTR/RTS PTT checked
When I click TX on MMTTY's Main Panel, the K3 transmits FSK generated RTTY AOK. 
when I click TXOFF, the K3 returns to receive as expected.

So far,so good.

When I open the RTTY window in Writelog and select
MMTTY as the TU Type,
COM 9 (recall this is COMFSK) under 'Port',
and, under Setup-->Ports, COM 5 (a hardware COM port out of my laptop) as the Elecraft K3 port,

I get the radio frequency and mode displayed OK, but the PTT and FSK keying are both flaky.  By that I mean sometimes I can key the transmitter, sometimes not.  Usually it keys the TX on but won't return to Receive.  The typed text might send a few characters OK, then stop and send a steady carrier and then, after 10 or 15 seconds (sometimes) it continues sending what is in the typing ahead buffer.  I can almost never get the radio to return to Receive by typing Alt-K (keyboard typing on/off toggle) and I have to hit ESC -several times.   Sometimes I have to close the RTTY window completely to return to Receive mode. And a couple of times I had to actually power down the K3/0 and K3 to get out of transmit.
I suspected RFI, but, recall, everything works fine with MMTTY standalone.  And, I turned the output power down to less than a watt and no change in behavior.  So I don't think this is an RFI problem.

Has anyone ever gotten Writelog to work FSK RTTY with the K3/0, K3 and Remote Rig? I'd very much appreciate hearing from anyone who has.  I suspect the problem is in the COM1 and COM2 port settings in the CONTROL RRC Web Server settings, but I've tried just about everything to no avail.  Or, possibly the problem is some combination of Writelog settings that I just haven't got right.

I can really use some help.  Thanks and 73,
Ron N6EE

General discussion forum / COMFSK???
« on: 2013-03-12, 20:56:28 »
I hope to operate RTTY remotely using my K3 twins & RRC 1258 MkII setup (which is now working on my LAN).  I understand that I will need to have MMTTY connect to the COMFSK port which the Microbit Setup Manager was supposed to install.  But I do not see the RRC COMFSK port listed in my Device Manager under COM ports.  I thought I was supposed to see several RRC related virtual COM ports listed in the Device Manager after installing the Microbit Setup Manager, but I see none.

I am running Windows 7 64 bit and selected 'Run as Administrator' when I installed the Microbit Setup Manager.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?
Ron N6EE

General discussion forum / K3/0 Freezes
« on: 2013-03-11, 01:44:16 »
I'm making progress, but it's two steps forward and one back,,,

I now have the K3/0 controlling the K3 over my LAN with good audio and all functionality (that I have tested so far).

Problem is now that the K3/0 freezes every 4.5 to 5 minutes, then resumes normal behavior after a 30+- second pause.  The red and yellow light on the AUX/MIC port of the RRC-1258 MkII Control come on during the freeze and the red light goes off when it resumes normal behavior.

I suspected the router so I eliminated that variable by connecting both RRC boxes using a crossover ethernet cable. Same behavior.

I then suspected a power supply problem since the former owner used a 12 volt wall wart to power BOTH the RRC box and the K3/0.  Seemed a bit much so I put the K3/0 on my 35 amp supply.  No change - still freezes every 4.5 to 5 minutes and resumes about 30 seconds later.

A possible clue: if I adjust anything on the K3 (the Remote), the K3/0 (the control) freezes for about 30 seconds and resumes normal behavior after about 30 seconds.  And the red AUX light on the control box turns red just like the problem described above.

I'm out of ideas.  Any help appreciated.
Ron N6EE

General discussion forum / K3/0 Busy Signal
« on: 2013-03-10, 19:10:48 »
Newbie here.  Just bought a used K3/0 and RRC-1258MKII set and can't get the K3/0 to talk to my K3.

My issue:  when I turn on the K3/0 I get a "busy signal" (three tone sequence).  No connection to the K3.

What I did:
Downloaded latest firmware for both the K3 and the K3/0 - MCU 4.6 (although K3/0 showed error loaded DSP which I assume is correct).

Downloaded latest Microbit Setup Manager - installed OK and connects to either box OK via USB.  Radio settings set according to Elecraft K3/0 manual.

Connected both boxes to my router using ethernet cable - green PWR light steady on both boxes

Used web browser to connect directly to K3 (remote) box - URL is http:..   - seemed to work AOK

Used browser to connect directly to K3/0 (control) box - URL is - seemed to work AOK

Turned on both radios and both act like a normal K3 - I can change bands, modes, etc on each radio INDEPENDENTLY - i.e. the K3/0 has no effect on the K3 (or vice versa).  And I get a continuous "busy signal" coming from the K3/0 RRC-1258MkII box.  The busy signal stops if I turn the K3/0 off.

Very frustrated.  Any help greatly appreciated.  TIA and 73, Ron N6EE

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