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General discussion forum / Cannot access control RRC
« on: 2011-01-18, 12:28:52 »
When I do microbit set up via USB, the IP address of the control unit is as expected.
However, when I do the cmd:ipconfig, an IP address of the Control unit is something different.
I tried to download the firmware and it failed to write. .30 is the version.
It is as if something is corrupted in the control firmware that is preventing me to communicate via LAN even though the IP address via USB is fine.
Cannot bring up the status etc, is there another way to configure the ctl, rather than using the LAN connection?
The LAN connection appears to be unoperational.

Not sure why the microbit setup has one IP address and the cmd:IPconfig has a different address.

Any ideas, especially on how to reload the firmware without a failure to write.

General discussion forum / Wireless Remote Rig device
« on: 2011-01-16, 21:02:41 »
Now that I have the TS480 working, I went one step further. How to get rid of the LAN cable requirement. How can I go wireless?
Thanks to Netgear and their WNCE2001 wireless black box, I now can take my remote head of the TS480, the RRC control black box and have lunch at McDonalds or a Truckstop with an open WIFI and run remote.
The WNCE2001 costs about $60, and needs to be configured with a Lap top but once configured, the WNCE2001 allows WIFI link to the internet to my Remote part of the TS480 is located(where the antenna is). WOW
So, I can eat my Big Mac and Fries and check in with the boys on the local net. Or just go to the take out, sit in my car and check in as long as the WNCE2001 sees a WIFI wireless.
The WNCE2001 can be powered by USB if I want to plug it into my Lap Top, the 12 volts of my pickup would power the RRC.
The power supply of the WNCE2001 is 5Volts and probably draws less than 300 ma so my next step to be portable is to get a small lead or Gel 12 volt battery, use a dropping resistor (need to know the WNCE2001 current draw so I can determine the value of the resistor to drop the voltage from 12 volts to 5 volts) and then, I will be able to take my TS480 head, control RRC, Mic, Key, Netgear WNCE2001, and battery to a booth at McDonalds and wirelessly and NO AC required check into my nets while dipping my french fries in Ketchup. WOW ;D

Here is short summary.
Did the jumpers, made sure the two RRC's worked in my "Home Lan" - dumb me, thought I was done.

Here is all we did to get KF0LF to connect from Arizona via Internet.

Typed in my "what is my IP address" and got the string of characters of the IP Address of my remote(where the antenna is). Displayed this on my Laptop at the Antenna location and where the radio RRC and transmitter is located.

Kf0LF changed his control RRC at the remote TS480 control head location in the radio setting menu of the Control RRC as follows:

1)Typed Hello in Sip password field in radio settings menu of both RRC's, radio(antenna)  and control (TS480 head). Can change to any name besides Hello.

2) Typed in The "What is my IP address" IP string that came back to my laptop at the radio (antenna location) along with a Colon 80... :80 in the SIP Contact entry in radio settings menu of the Control (TS480 head). ie (made this string up).

3) Changed the Port Forwarding setting to match the book 5060,11000, 12000, 80 and matched UDP and TCP to the appropriate entry in the manual in my router at the(antenna location). The Colon 80 is the TCP entry of 80.

That's all folks
KF0LF hit the power up button on the TS480 from his location and it came to life.
I hooked the control RRC at remote location and it works. It has a "dead audio" intermittent but probably something to do with internet, will figure out later but this "getting on the internet" procedure worked for me. The Router settings were fairly simple. I recognize that there are a lot of different parameters and it was confusing trying to link the manual instructions to what I needed to do, where in actuallity, I just needed to  change the Port forwarding and since ithe router is not like those listed in the manual, that is all I did to get it working.
Have not done the DynDNS thing yet.
I am sure I will find some bug later but right now, the rig came up when I powered on the TS480S at my away from the antenna location.

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