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General discussion / Windows 8
« on: 2012-11-20, 03:28:43 »
If this has been covered before then my apologies. I just installed the the latest version of the PC Client under a 64 bit version of Windows 8 and noticed the virtual com ports do not show up in the device manager. I suspect the application knows of the com ports but because they do not show up in Windows I cannot adjust the actual port numbers which is important due to the presence of other applications that also use com ports. Is this a known issue?

Roger VK3ADE

General discussion / Feature Request
« on: 2011-01-27, 08:07:36 »
By in large PC Client works very well for me, it would however be nice to be able to set and view the status of the bits on the I/O port. Perhaps in a future release  :)

General discussion forum / Some advice please
« on: 2011-01-12, 04:59:09 »
[RRC-1258MKII-RAD and PC Client.] 

I have an Elecraft K3 and two other devices that require an RS232 interface to control. My current plan is to use a TTL level shifter on COM0 and then use COM1 and COM2 to interface to my other equipment.

Is there any reason why I could not use COM0 in this fashion? Thank you in advance for any replies or information I may receive.

Roger VK3ADE

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