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General discussion forum / Winkey compatibility problems
« on: 2017-10-18, 04:51:54 »
I just set up Winkey keying into the RemoteRig COM3 using N1MM and found two problems.  One, any macro that uses "<<" and ">>" (keyer speed UP and DOWN) will stop all further macros unless {END} is placed at the end.  The other is that the 'half-space' "~" causes a full space to be sent.

I got the following response on the N1MM Logger Plus reflector:

"This is not an N1MM+ issue. It is most likely an issue with the RemoteRig implementation of Winkey emulation.

Steve, N2IC"

Is there anything that can be done about this?

Thanks, Ron N6IE

General discussion forum / RRC Radio Output Logic
« on: 2017-05-29, 03:42:02 »
I'm confused by what I'm seeing in the Status window of my RRC Radio.  Output 0 sends closures to the K3 for CW, but the status shows logic "Low" when the key on the control side is open and "High" when it's closed.  This is the opposite of the control side where Input 0 shows logic "High" when the key open and "Low" when it's closed.  I would think the radio wants to see Low logic to key and high to un-key.

I started wondering about that this weekend when CW through the system became intermittent. I still have not determined where the problem is, but I'm in the process of troubleshooting. 

Am I reading the Status windows wrong?


General discussion forum / CW sending screwing up!
« on: 2016-11-08, 08:48:02 »
I'm having a problem with CW sending where there are 'stutters', dropouts, and weird chararacters that occasionallly occur. For example, if I send a string of dits, after about 15 or so, one turns into a dah, or it skips altogether.  It's OK for something like "TU 5NN", but in this past weekend's SS contest, the long exchanges were disasters!  I tried virtually every combination of Key Delay and LF Delay, but it has no effect.  Here are some parameters of the setup:

Radio: K3
Internet: Comcast on both ends, just 5 miles distant.  About 25 ms latency, and quite stable. 6 mbps/25 mbps or better on both ends.
Keying is using the RemoteRig internal keyer and straight key input from N1MM.

What other parameter changes should I try?


Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Remote Relay Closure
« on: 2016-02-17, 08:32:16 »
I want to set up a very simple remote switching system on my RRC-1258 MKII where I can close a switch at the control side and have a closure at the remote end.  I am using the RRC-1258 only for the audio codec and FSK function with the remote radio controlled via remote desktop applications. 

Is there a simple way I set up one or more remote relay closures using the RRC-1258?  If so, how would I set that up?


General discussion forum / Found a bug!
« on: 2012-07-05, 06:42:14 »
I have noticed on version 2.50 that if I operated with FSK, then switch back to CW, that CW no longer works.  I need to reboot the Radio of the Remote Rig to make it work again.  Any thoughts?


General discussion / RRC Client Errors
« on: 2012-06-17, 03:14:57 »
I'm having a very hard time installing RRC Client on my Vista laptop.  I had it working, but had to do a restore of the system since it killed the audio of my Perseus SDR.  I uninstalled and reinstalled RRC Client but I now get the error message you see in the attachment.  I can hear audio but the microphone input does not work.  When I close the exception message, the audio stops and I get another message:  "Error:  Object reference not set to an instance of an object."  At this point, I cannot close either the message or RRC client software without forcing a shutdown from Task Manager.  How can I fix this?

The PTT works fine in SSB and CW, but using the configuration described in the manual with MMTTY and RRC1258 COMFSK installed and showing connected to COM3, there is no PTT generated when MMTTY is sending.

MMTTY PTT & FSK is set to COM3, Tx Port to COM-TxD(FSK) and USB Port to "C".

In RRC Radio, OUT0 Mode = I/O,  OUT1 Mode = Baudot/45, OUT2 Mode=Keyer
In RRC Control, IN0 Mode = Keyer, OUT0, OUT1, OUT2 Mode = I/O, both USB settings are disabled.

Software is 2.46

I can manually trigger PTT using the normal mic PTT.  Can anyone tell my why PTT won't key from MMTTY?


I'm looking for an easy way to key FSK (not AFSK) from my computer on the control end to the FSK keying input to the radio on the remote end.  I'm already using the I/O channels for CW Dits, Dahs and computer key "straight key", but I do have COM 0 and COM 1 available.  I'm not controlling the radio (Orion II) through the is controlled via a local computer with VNC on remote end.  Is there any way to use the COM ports for 'true' FSK RTTY?


I have RemoteRig to send and receive audio and CW from my Ten Tec Orion II that will soon be operated by remote using a 1.5 MBPS wireless LAN.  The radio will be controlled by a computer at the remote location over the WLAN using N4PY client/server software, so I will have the serial port and  TTL ports unused.  I want to be able to send FSK keying to the Orion using RemoteRig.  What is the best way to do this?  My current settings are:

IN0 Mode = Keyer
OUT0 Mode = I/O
OUT1 Mode = I/O
OUT2 Mode = I/O

I currently use a parallel port through a transistor to directly key the FSK input on the Orion.  Can I directly connect to pin 4 the RRC-Control I/O port then key the radio with pin 5 of the RRC-Radio I/O port?  Will the keying timing be accurate enough for FSK?

Ron N6IE

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