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General discussion forum / IC Socket Orientation
« on: 2011-08-07, 15:55:47 »
Yesterday I began configuring my Remote Rig. 

My concern is that the covers are off the Control and Radio units and I'm looking at them from the front. The pin-1 indicator on the Control unit IC socket is at the right and the pin-1 indicator of the Radio unit IC socket is at the left.

Is this correct or was there a manufacturing error?

I'm probably over-thinking this, but I hate smoke.

I tried to post this yesterday, but it doesn't seem to have shown up.  If it shows up twice, I apologize for the bandwidth.

Thanks in advance

General discussion / IC Socket Orientation
« on: 2011-08-06, 21:10:16 »
Today I started configuring my new RemoteRig.  The IC sockets in the Control and Radio units were factory-installed 180 deg different from each other.  In other words, the marker for what would normally be pin one is at the top on one unit and at the bottom at the other.

The manual shows the indicator at the top for both Control and Radio units, but the written instructions seem to indicate the socket orientation doesn't matter. 

I want to make sure before I apply power and unleash the magic smoke.

Thanks in advance

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