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thanks Mitch

didnīt know tapatalk, will try it!



is any way to receive the new posts and replies to my own posts on my email?

I am going frecuently to the post website to see if I receive any answer, I think will be a way to setup email forwarding, but couldnt find it

thanks in advance


General discussion forum / Re: Audio Hiss Solved
« on: 2017-11-19, 02:50:21 »
Hi Steve

thanks very much

just starting with remote and many things to improve. Is very noticeable the improvement changing from 12 to 16 bits!


Hi Mitch

no, I dont have it, if you can send me it to check


Configuration, RRC 1258 / new setup 2 x K3/100 not working
« on: 2017-11-16, 17:01:37 »

I couldnt setup remoterig with two K3/100 radios, so right now, I bring both radios to my house and start over with the setup

I turn on control radio, then turn on remote radio, but nothing happen. I hear on the headpones a continue sound  like telephone sound, "u i u     u i u     u i u      u i u       u i u....................."   

I am following this two manuals:

Elecraft Manual  and

Remoterig Manual

I couldnt open remoterig boxes to check inside as per Remoterig manual page 213

I update firmware on two remoterig boxes

I go to the browser and access microbit to go to radio settings. Here some diferences with manuals and browser
      - SIP password, Elecraft manual say blank, Remoterig manual say hello
      - SIP contact may I left blank or not?
      - Audio quality, Elecraft manual say "3 - aLaw 12 kHz" and remoterig manual say "2 - Linear 16 bits 8 kHz, so which one is the correct?
       - Codec Out Gain Elecraft manual say 250 and Remoterig manual say 255
       - Codec Imp Gain Elecraft Manual say 32 and remoterig manual say 14
       - Codec inp preamp Elecraft manual say "163", Remoterig manual say "Yes"

router setup also is diferent in Elecraft and Remoterig manuals on applications name, but maybe this is not a problem

Any idea what is wrong?


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