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I have a 1216H switch to control my Expert PA. I use a ethernet power switch to turn on the RemoteRig box, transceiver power supply and 1216H WebSwitch. Rear PA switch is always ON.
When I power on the webswitch the PA turns On (as If I press the ON front panel button) and I need to turn it off via the web interface. Is there any way to avoid this behaviour?. I guess it have something to do with the serial port, as I suffered the same behaviour when connecting the PA to a RaspberryPi.

Thank you!

Hi Mike
Thanks for your quick test of the 8900 and response here on the forum.  We all appreciate your committment to the equipment, this forum and my personal emails to you recently.  We all talk about this in a positive way.
So this is very interesting that the "lockup" did not occur with the 8900.  Now I am wondering if I have a firmware version on this particular 8800 that is causing the problem.  I am hoping that someone reading this forum has an 8800 will try this also?? Please try this if you have one.  It is no problem resetting the radio after the lockup, so please try it if you have one and report back to us.  If it is a firmware issue then I may be able to get an older firmware version from Yaesu for my 8800... maybe.  So I may hold off a bit on trading in the 8800 for a Kenwood.....
I am planning to buy either a Kenwood TM-D710A or possibly a TM-V71A.  Mike, do you know if the settings in the Remoterig manual for the TM-D710A will work for the TM-V71A?  It is my understanding that the only difference between the two is the faceplate; the radio is identical (at least that is my understanding).  Any help on this from the readers of this forum will be most welcome.  And Thanks!
PS: I think I read that you will not be at Dayton next week   :'(   Will any of you guys be there?  If so let us know.  Thanks.
73, Bill, N4TIC

Ive tried to make the V71 work over the remoterig boxes and had no success. It seems it must be some differences between both faceplates.

I own both a 710 and V71, and V71s body with 710 faceplate works fine, but not with its own faceplate. Looking at the service manual, both bodies are similar and the only diferences are on the faceplate, also the serial protocol is the same for both rigs but it must be some differences in the start command. Quite odd.


Shawn, EA1NK

Yes, JMP2 is out. The power supply is 12v 4A too.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Connection issues between boxes.
« on: 2012-06-04, 20:03:27 »
Hi, Im having some issues with the connection between both boxes. It works flawlessly with both a FT857 and a TS480 but I need to plug the AC adaptor on the control panel side twice for the panel to turn on. Quite odd issue.

I use to unplug  the control box when I leave home and when I come back and plug it in, the box boots and I can reach the configuration web but when I press the ON button on the rig panel nothing happens. If I unplug and plug again the AC adaptor then it works. Any advice?

Thank you

Shawn - EA1NK

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: TMV71 issues
« on: 2012-05-12, 17:30:30 »
Thanks for the fast response, as d710 and v71 can be swapped I thought RR might work.

 Serial protocol of both rigs is the same also, I managed to remote my v71 trough PC port with self made app and RR though, but would like to use the panel instead.

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / TMV71 issues
« on: 2012-05-12, 09:12:06 »
As far as D710 and V71 service manuals states I assume the wiring to RRCs is the same for both radios. I made the cables but when I press the power on nothing happens. Has anyone tried this rig?.

Jumper settings are ok for the 9v to the panel and I'm using two switching power supplies 12v/4A to feed the boxes, so it seems this is not the problem.

Any help will be wellcome.
EA1NK - Shawn

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