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Got it figured out. Someone not only disconnected the network cable to the RRC which I found last time I was there, but the cable going to the mic jack on the radio was going to the IO port on the back of the RRC. After fooling around with it a while I pulled out the RRC manual and looked up and traced the connections. Unplugged it from the IO jack on the RRC and plugged it into the mic jack on the RRC and I'm back in business. Should have looked a little further after finding the network cable unplugged.

I can't complain to much since they let me use the site for free! First time in 2 years someone messed with it.

You are probably right. I'll make another trip down there next Saturday and take the radio control head, laptop, etc. and troubleshoot some more. As an experiment I connected using RRC Nano on my Android laptop and I get the same results.

The remote location is upstairs in a commercial building so anyone could have unplugged it. They have no computers there and I let them use my Wi-Fi with their phones since they are letting me setup there for free. I imagine someone may have borrowed the connection to plug in a laptop or similar device and never plugged the cable back into the Remote Rig. I restarted everything when I was on site just to ensure everything had been power cycled recently. Today I restarted the remote and control RRC with no results. I unplugged the microphone and even used another microphone with no results. It may be another loose cable that I missed when I was down there. I checked all of the connections while I was on site.

I thought continuous beep may be some notification from the radio itself but looking through the manual there is no corresponding continuous error beep.

Looking through both RRC settings I do not find any errors.


My Remote Rig quit working a month or so ago. No connection. My rig is a Kenwood TS-480HX. Finally made it down to the remote site today and found the network cable from the modem to the Remote Rig unplugged. Plugged it in, checked everything out, and I could connect to the remote via my laptop. Didn't think to take the control head with me to test for local operation. Came back home and powered on the radio. Everything seems to work but I was getting a fast beep from the speaker. Discovered I could have the audio fully down and still got the beep. The radio functions fine and all knobs and dials seem to work but will not transmit. Tried turning off the rig, waited a few seconds, powered it back up, beep was gone but the radio was scanning frequencies and I could not make it stop, again all the knobs and dials seem to work fine. Stations would come in and go out and the radio tuned up the dial. No transmit either.

When I power up I get one of two modes. Radio seems to work fine except for no transmit with the fast beep in the background or power up, no beep and the radio works except it begins to scan frequencies. Discovered when in either mode it will not go into transmit however I can press the PF (function key) and the radio will go into antenna tune mode it will transmit and the MFJ auto-tuner at the remote shack tunes up fine.

I figure I need to go back to the remote site next weekend and troubleshoot and take the control head with me to see how it works locally, but I was hoping there might be some things to try from my control point.


General / Re: Cannot connect-error says no call sign
« on: 2015-09-27, 02:38:21 »
I'm really enjoying the RRC- Nano. Looks like I will be purchasing the software when the next paycheck rolls in. I have a 7" LG tablet with 4G LTE cellular built in and it seems to work well with 4G and wireless although I haven't done extensive testing with 4G.

I like being able to lay in bed and search across the bands in the evenings. No dongle required, no laptop needed, no matter how small it is it can't beat a small tablet for getting on the air from the convenience of the dining table, your favorite chair, or from the bedroom. With 4G capability I can do it from Starbucks, a hotel room, or the porch of a vacation cabin.

I wish it had a few more features but I'm happy that it can do what it does. I wish there was a program to provide stand alone digital modes. There might be something using virtual ports and I just need to do some research. The PSK programs for Android that I can find so far use acoustic coupling but maybe they can be fooled using virtual ports and an app that provides greater control over the built in sound card.


General / Re: Cannot connect-error says no call sign
« on: 2015-09-22, 23:51:23 »
I got it fixed. The interface is different than the one shown on the Nano web page. I figured out that after connecting I needed to swipe to the left to bring up the radio control page. As soon as I did that it started working.

General / Cannot connect-error says no call sign
« on: 2015-09-22, 08:52:18 »
When I try to connect using 1.3.2 it flashes down at the bottom of the screen "call sign is missing. Since I have a call sign entered I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm using the demo version I just downloaded. I can connect with the radio just fine using my remoterig here at the house so I know everything on the remote end is up and working properly.


General discussion / Re: Low Audio in DM780
« on: 2015-03-22, 23:20:39 »
I down loaded the virtual cable mentioned in another thread and installed that. It's at

DM780 had audio! No system audio to monitor! I went into windows setup and told it to listen to this device and everything is good. I haven't tried transmit yet on digital or voice modes. I have a feeling I will have problems there.

I have the same problem with DM-780 that everyone else has. I installed the virtual cables as one fellow did and DM780 works like a champ, but now I have no audio to listen to! Fine for digital modes but not so good for voice. Back to the drawing board. I'm using Windows 8.

General discussion / Low Audio in DM780
« on: 2015-03-22, 22:03:26 »
I received my RRC-Micro client and got the dongle installed. Everything seems to be working although I haven't tried to transmit yet. Volume level is good in the micro-client and HRD, but in DM780 there is barely enough audio to drive the waterfall and reception.

I have all the volume levels at screaming levels and I only get about 2-3% signal level in DM-780 and that is only when I plug in an external speaker to the laptop and tell Windows 8 to listen to that port and set DM780 to use that port otherwise DM-780 is not getting anything.

I tried using both the microbit microphone and speakers and the laptop onboard soundcard microphone and speakers and always have sound everywhere, except in DM780. When I change microphone and speakers I always go through and match the RRC-micro client, HRD and DM780.

Everything works fine on my desktop PC running the same version of HRD and DM780 running through my regular Remote Rig control boxes.

There are way too many soundcard configuration options these days and I may be missing something.

Ok, I think I have it working fine now. I installed RRC Micro using Wi-Fi and it worked fine. Somewhere along the line I installed an Ethernet adapter and connected to a wired network connection and that is when my troubles started. I uninstalled the other virtual com port drivers, disconnected the Ethernet adapter all is well. The Microbit virtual drivers show up in Device Manager now.

I'm going to purchase the Micro PC client now that I have it all working, but another question is should I have both the wired network adapter and Wi-Fi connected when I install the client or use the Wi-Fi only? I imagine I will use Wi-Fi most of the time. One of the errors I received during my troubleshooting phase was that RRC would say the client is only registered to the Wi-Fi connection and would not work with the Ethernet adapter.


Ok, I got it working. It apparently did not like me switching from a wireless to a wired connection. I switched back to wireless and it works fine now.

Well now when the RRC client starts it says my trial is over. I thought it was good for 30 days but I only got 3.

That is correct. They didn't show up in the Micro client or device manager even when it was working and they didn't show when it was working. It makes it difficult to troubleshoot. Using the drivers I down loaded they show up everywhere and the micro client works fine.

Any ideas?

General discussion / Trouble with Virtual Com Ports Resolved
« on: 2015-03-02, 02:27:16 »
My Microbit RRC client was working fine yesterday. Today it couldn't locate any com ports. I played with it for quite a while and finally downloaded a virtual serial port driver from and it works fine. The only trouble is it's a 14 day demo and the drivers are $99 USD. I'm using a Windows 8.1 laptop and from what I can tell from reading on the internet Windows 8 has a difficult time with virtual com ports.

Any other suggestions for virtual com port drivers that are cheaper? The FabulaTech drivers from Microbit don't always seem to do the job with Windows 8.

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