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Chipp- you say you have a K3.  It should be easy to switch the microphone- the RR mike cable goes to the rear Mic in or Lin In jack, the mike in the shack goes to the front mike input 8 pin DIN.  You do have to toggle the K3 Menu selection on mike input, but no recabling would be necessary.

Paralleling PTT is usually done without a problem- just use a "Y" cable.  Easily obtainable, cheap.

RR Speaker line goes to Headphone out on the rear panel.  You plug headphones in the front panel.  No cabling required.

K3 Lin OUT goes to the soundcard for decoding at the remote site.

I don't know what cables the LP Pan require, so I can't comment on them.

The one cable we haven't been able to avoid swapping out is the CW keying cable.  We did try paralleling a local keyer with the RR keying line, but it didn't work reliably.  So we just swap keying lines.  One cable is still a lot less to change.

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / Re: RR Troubleshooting
« on: 2018-12-11, 14:19:14 »
AFter doing some voltage checks on the RR Control box (detailed in a previous posting), I don't have +8V for the TS480 control head available at any of the 6 RJ11 terminals.  Is it worthwhile to do a reset on the box to see if that re-establishes the voltages?  Or is there somewhere else I can look?

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / Re: RR Troubleshooting
« on: 2018-12-07, 20:17:45 »
I might be inclined to agree with you, except for one big item- if I unplug the cable that goes from the RR Control unit to the TS480 head at the RR Unit, and plug it into the TS480 body, then the TS480 turns on and works.  If you tell me that wiring is different between the two functions of that cable, I'll believe you and get the cable that you specified.  It also appears to have all the 6 connections at both plugs.

You were partially correct- I was looking for the +8V at the jumpers for the MIC jack, not the TTL jack.  So I turned the unit over, and behind the TTL jack there are two rows of 3 connections that look like they go to the TTL jack.  I measured the voltages at each and this is the result (orientation is the pcb is upside down, and the two rows of connections have the top row, furthest away, with the first connection slightly to the left of the bottom row):
Top row, left most: 0V
Top row, middle: 0V
Top row, right most: 4.98V
Bottom Row, left most: .02V
Bottom Row, middle:" 5.03V
Bottom Row, right most: 3.01V

When I measured the ground connection was between the ground solder pad near the TTL jack, and again at the -DC input connector pad.  In both cases, the voltages were the same.  No 8V.  Per your other suggestion, I made sure that it was in Mode 5, TS480.

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / Re: RR Troubleshooting
« on: 2018-12-07, 13:12:15 »
Just went back to double check. Control RRC is definitely in Mode 5, TS480.  Opened case to make it easy to check. 
No +8V on either side of jumper.  When TS480 head is plugged in, it doesn't turn on or light up.

Is the cable connecting the two a normal 6 conductor straight through cable? 

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / RR Troubleshooting
« on: 2018-12-06, 20:24:20 »
I have a friend's Control RRC here.  He uses it with a TS480 remote head.  It currently is not working.
When checking it out, voltage measurements show there is no +8V to the wire jumper pins- either the one going to the RJ11 connector, or the one supplying the voltage.  Without voltage, the TS480 remote head won't come on, so of course it won't connect. 

If I plug the TS480 remote head into the TS480 body, the TS480 lights and works, so that isn't the problem.

Question: is that +8V supply problem fixable by a user, or must it go back to Remote Rig?  Or could a jumper be missing?  I read thru the manual, and didn't see an applicable jumper.

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / Re: Missing virtual drivers
« on: 2018-12-01, 20:52:07 »
Phil- I have the same setup that you do, and I can tell you it works fine.  First off, a tip- ditch the USB cable that goes from the computer to the Control RRC.  I think its just confusing the issue.

Install the USB to serial cable, and make note of that Com port number.  That is the comport number that you will use in N1MM.  Forget all the others.

I have my serial cable going to Com1 of the Control RRC.  I have nothing connected to Com2 of the Control RRC.  The K3/0 is connected to the Control RRC via the TTL cable.

Don't bother with trying to key the K3/0 via the RTS or DTR lines.  I have not had success using it. 

Also keep in mind, if you are looking at the baud rate of the K3/0, you can't have it connected to the Remote unit over the internet.  If you do, you are looking at the baud rate of the K3 at the remote site!

Try it again with the above in mind.  As I said, this setup works fine for me here.  Made 542 QSOs via it during the ARRL 160m contest this weekend so far.

Dennis W1UE


If you are using a K3/0, it is easy to add an outboard Winkey.  I stopped using the RR Winkey- I found it was too fussy, and I lost connectivity to it to many times.  I added a MORTTY keyer (for $18), configured it in N1MM+, and the cable goes from the output of the keyer to the KEY jack on the back of the K3/0.  Now you can plug the paddle into the RR paddle input, set one speed there, and use the MORTTY interfaced with N1MM+ for a different speed.  Or, if you want both speeds the same, plug the paddle into the MORTTY keyer.  Works FB.

Dennis W1UE

I've looked through the documentation for the RR units, and am not quite sure of the best way to do this.  I want to use an outboard Winkey (not the RR Winkey unit) to key CW.  Is there any "easy" way to do this, such as just turning off the RR keyer?  How about keying through a cable for the Aux/Mike input?

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / Re: Random connection problem
« on: 2018-06-12, 19:02:30 »
Steve- I had some of the same problems that you have.  Sometimes it would connect, sometimes it wouldn't connect.  Sometimes it would connect and work for awhile, then lose connection and stop working.  In my RRC Control unit, I had it set for a static IP address.  There were no conflicts- it had its own IP address.  I changed that to a DHCP IP address, and let the router assign it.  My connection problem was now gone.

Don't ask me why, but that was all it took.  I couldn't correspond the change with any new router firmware, Win10 update, or Internet changes- but that fixed the problem.  YMMV.

Dennis W1UE

I have never used a Signallink, so I don't know what inputs/outputs are available.  At my remote station, I use a regular USB soundcard and run the Remote rig audio thru that for RTTY decoding.  For all modes, I plug my phones into the USB soundcard output, and adjust the soundcard volume control to control the audio volume of the rx signal.  I then set my audio level from the RR unit to a good one for decoding and leave it there.  The soundcard provides the variable audio I need for normal operations, and the RR unit is now putting out a constant audio signal.

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / Re: Winkey compatibility problems
« on: 2017-10-19, 14:25:45 »

I have also used a real outboard Winkey connected to a USB port of the computer, and used that to key the RR box.  I had to build a cable to attach to the RR box, but it wasn't difficult to do.  Then I had the best of both worlds- it ran quite well.

My contesting experiences using the RR Winkey have not been as bad as yours.  I've had several hours with rate >150 on CW.  You can't do that if you have many fills.  I'm also fortunate that both ends of my connection use broadband. 

FYI, where is your remote station? 

Dennis W1UE

General discussion forum / Re: Winkey compatibility problems
« on: 2017-10-18, 16:55:02 »
Ron, I'm going to agree with Steve N2IC.  There are Winkey emulations, and there are Winkey emulations.  RR says it offers a "Winkey Emulator", which often translates to "not a complete set of Winkey functions".  Sounds like the functions that you mentioned are not supported in this Winkey emulation.

The only thing that can be done is to add those functions to the RR Winkey Emulator.  I've been using N1MM+ and RR for several years, and while I understand why someone would want to use those functions, have never found their absence to be critical.  YMMV.

Dennis W1UE 

Before the Winkey emulator was available, I had made up a custom cable to tap into that signal.  I applied the real winkey output to that line, and used the keyer in the RRC Control box to send keyed messages.  Its probably been 4 years now, but I know I had it set up to do that at one time.  Since the Winkey emulator was enabled, I'ved used that.  After a few hiccups, it has worked with a hitch.
My all time best rate on RR CW has been a 168.  I have not found latency to be a problem.

Dennis W1UE

Mitch, your last suggestion seemed to do the trick.  I had originally activated the DHCP, took the IP address assigned to the Control RRC, then made it a "non-DHCP" IP address.  I kept the IP address the same.  Based upon your last suggestion, I enabled the DHCP in the Control RRC again, and now it works.  I suspected that there might be a problem with the SIP ALG; I had attempted to turn it off in the router, per your setup sheet, but this router software doesn't allow the user to turn off SIP ALG.  I was able to verify that by a google on the router and SIP ALG.  But no mind- it seems to work now.

Thanks for the help, guys.  The magic is back.

Dennis W1UE

I got an upgraded internet service from Verizon that included a new router.  Since then, I've been having problems connecting.  The new router is on the Control side.  I have it set for DMZ (no port forwarding); I've also tried it with Port Forwarding (but yes, not both at the same time).  No joy.
I use 12000, 11000, and 5080 as my ports.  When I try to connect by turning on the radio, I see that my SIP port out is 41042. On the status, I get a SIP ERROR "?".  When I play with the different settings in the router and Control RRC, every once in a while I get it to connect, but after a minute or so I either lose ability to key the radio using the key or I lose the audio.  Sometimes it will come back for a short time, but usually once its gone I have to turn off the Control radio and try again.

Any suggestions on where to look?  I've used the DJ0QN set up sheet, but I think the problem is not setup.

Dennis W1UE

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