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 Did the reset and gained my access back to my RRC web pages.   Had to redo a few settings which was not an issue as I had saved a photo of each settings page.

I now have ID and password added to my RR UNITS web pages.    I am taken aback that my RRC was tampered with by someone unknown.   

Frank VO1HP

OK thanks for fast clarification...guess  i will have to do the reset.

Here is the box I am seeing....there is no USERNAME entry place associated with SIP password in the RRC MENU?

Something has changed on my computer within last few days. 
When I browse to my Control box IP and click on any page except INFO I am presented with a LOG IN  box.
I can access the INFO page with out issue.  Any other page will bring up the LOGIN box telling me that AUTHENTICATION is required
and that the server at the RRC box IP connection is not private.

I changed the IP using MICROBIT manager to a fixed IP for testing but still same issue .  Now have  RRC setback to DHCP.

I recently started hosting a remote station RR box for a friend and I can access that box without issue all pages. 

Any direction on where to look?

Frank VO1HP

I have similiar issue here.   Have both RR boxes setup on my LAN.  CONTROL: is setup with DHCP and RADIO is set with static IP I have the port forwarding setup to the RADIO IP and placed the RADIO box MAC address in ADVANCED DMZ in the router.

when i press the 480 power button the rig does not turn on however the status pages are showing the network connection has been made and data is flowing.  However the control head is not on.

For the connection from the RADIO body to the RR box I used what looks to be an RJ12 sort jumper from my residential telephone panel with six conductors.  Maybe all these wires are not connected in the plugs??

General discussion / Re: RRC Micro Virtual COM port Issue
« on: 2017-12-15, 12:03:18 »

Did you get an answer to this issue regarding the RESOUCES message ?

Frank VO1HP


Have COM 1 Mode 7 set in remote box Serial Settings.  Is that what you mean?  Picture attached. What should be settings in RRC Micro?.  Currently have COM 2 set to mode 4. COM 1 set to  INACTIVE.  When COM 1 set to mode 4 still doesn't work.

Rig control by TRX works if TRX manager set for COM 2.   Setting in WSJT-X  COM 1 or COM 2 does not result in rig control.   If TRX Manager is NOT started then I can get WSJT-X to read freq by setting it to COM 2.  Dont understand about how to setup COM1?

I have been using TRX Manager and RRC Micro on my HP laptop successfully to use my K3 remote while away travelling.  Successfully used this combo to work TM100VIMY from my remote while I was an opeartor at that station in Vimy France in March this year.  TRX Manager has a very realistic looking K3 front panel

I am interested in setting up the configuration to use WSJT-X for FT8 mode.  I have the setup working to a degree in that I am successfully decoding signals using WSJT-X v1.8 using a VAC from RRC Microbit to  WSJT-X.   However how to do rig control to read freq and mode and control PTT.?   COM 2 is already in use by RRC Microbit....I tried WSJT-X wth K3 radio config and COM 1 and 0  but that doesn't work.

Can I use a serial port splitter software to have two application (RRC Microbit and WSJT-X) access COM2 simultaneously?  or is there some other way?

Frank VO1HP

General discussion forum / Re: RRC connection problem
« on: 2017-03-14, 15:30:31 »
Check you have your RRC Ethernet connected to a gigabit switch before it hits the router.....i had same problem and found that there was something interfereingvwith RRC data stream.   I disconnected everything except RRC and problem went away.


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General discussion forum / Re: K3 volume setting
« on: 2017-02-20, 23:36:15 »
  I have wondered about this issue myself.  The line out jack on the K3 provides a fixed audio level that could be fed into a jack on the RR Remote box and outputted to a connector on the RRControl.  From there direct that fixed level to the sound card input on the Control location PC for digital modes.....bypassing the K3/O or Mini.....Leave the current SPKRS audio as is .   

It would require a "Digital Modes" version of the RRBoxes with an input and output for the fixed audio line.

Possibly someone intimately familiar with the data path through the RR Boxes can come with a mod to allow insertion of a fixed level audio stream.

Frank VO1HP


I have rec'd 1274B Dongle and i appear to have it working. The Micro will log on to the remote K3 and i can hear audio.  Also the paddle works and i can key the rig.

I want to setup using TRX or there a tutorial to show settings etc.  Hve tried TRX so far but not getting anywhere stumbling around.

QUESTION: on the settings page of the MICRO what is needed to be filled in in the COM 0 COM 1 COM2 lines...currently all are inactive?
I can't find anywhere an setup page for the MICRO to know if I am doing it right.   I attached a picture of the ABOUT page showing all version numbers

Frank VO1HP

General / NANO ...what is BT?
« on: 2017-01-25, 16:10:21 »
I really like the  NANO app (Elecraft) & use it to check into local net on 3740khz....

1.  What is the BT selection box for ?  Bluetooth? ...have played with it in car but doesn't do anything? 

2. The app works great around the house on Wifi but when I go to the car it have to turn Wifi on the phone off in order to connect via cell data network.
Is that the way it is supposed to work? phone is old old Galaxy S3.

Frank VO1HP

General / Re: Nano audio breaking up
« on: 2017-01-22, 12:08:38 »
Just started using the Nano on an old S3 Samsung.   Same thing happening from time to time for me but wrote it off as a weak or marginal wifi signal in parts of my house.  My remote is 50km away so could be combo of weak wifi and other momentary network issues.

Frank VO1HP

General / Download Link??...where is it.
« on: 2017-01-21, 19:33:34 »
Last night I purchased a Nano license and downloaded the new version from the Play Store.   My invoice says there is a download link valid until November but where is the link??

The APP is working perfectly for me right now with my K3 remote....and there is a license ID on the connect page.

So is that it?..... do I need to do anything else?

Frank VO1HP

Feature Requests / Fixed audio level for digital modes
« on: 2017-01-21, 02:52:09 »
Develop feature to transport LINE OUT / LINE IN  audio from/ to  the remote K3 - back to the control point for digital modes JT65. Jt9 etc.   So as to eliminate using SPKRS AND MIC jack on K3 mini.

Frank vo1hp

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