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General discussion forum / PC client for sale
« on: 2019-07-31, 15:36:01 »
I looking to sell my little used PC Client. I see they are $184 plus tax, so would cost me $220 in the UK plus shipping. I will sell for $140 plus postage to your QTH.

Steve, M0BPQ

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General discussion / PC client for sale
« on: 2019-07-31, 15:35:23 »
I looking to sell my little used PC Client. I see they are $184 plus tax, so would cost me $220 in the UK plus shipping. I will sell for $140 plus postage to your QTH.

Steve, M0BPQ

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General discussion forum / Re: DM5AL ic706 extension cable
« on: 2019-01-27, 12:04:24 »
Thanks Mike,

As a terrible customer, I left out a vital bit of information! I want to use a set of V1 RRC boxes, so custom cable is required. I have used the following connections on my custom cable:

DM5AL RJ45 -  RRC RJ45
1                    2
2                    8
3                    1
4                    3
5                    7
6                    6
7                    5
8                    4

This checks out OK with a back to back adapter but not with the RRCs

I wonder what I am doing wrong?

General discussion forum / DM5AL ic706 extension cable
« on: 2019-01-12, 09:20:58 »
Hi everyone

As the original ic706 cable is now out of production DM5AL is selling breakout boards on eBay. These use an Ethernet cable to join head to body. Has anyone used this with RRC? With RRC it looks like  custom cables are needed so I have made these as per the RRC manual but not having any joy. Either the cable is incorrect (but working with back to back adapter so physically ok) or I have screws up settings. Any ideas?


General discussion forum / Sequencing and CW
« on: 2017-10-31, 12:32:38 »
Hi Everyone,

I am using a TS-2000 with RRCs on VHF and up with preamps and a sequencer. I have broken the mic PTT line to drive the sequencer input. The system works great in SSB and digi, but I cannot use CW as the RRC winkey will not drive the sequencer. Any thoughts on how to do this?

I can rely on PC generated CW if required, so wondered about disabling vox and using the mic PTT to key the radio. If that is the case then I can't use N1MM to call CQ in CW without me keying the rig each time.

Thoughts/experience/anecdotes welcome.

Steve, M0BPQ

General discussion forum / 1216E connection issues
« on: 2017-03-23, 11:36:21 »
Hi Everyone,

I have a 1216E (Yes the old one!) controlling AC power at my remote site. However it is becoming unresponsive to commands over the lan (and wan). I have done the usual stuff - power cycle, new ethernet cable and different physical ethernet port on the lan but it still doesn't perform. It responds about 10% of the time.

What should I try next? Is the device failing? Reflashing the firmware is not so simple with the E version, but I guess I can do that if needs be..... Thoughts?

Steve, M0BPQ

My keying also failed and this is why! +1 for posting the answer! 73 Steve, M0BPQ

It works on my ts-480! Not sure how I did it though...... 73 Steve, M0BPQ

I Hope you are sorted by now Paul,

For the record i have also paid a premium for the mobile phone fixed IP address and it works just fine for me. I also tried VPN tunneling as well to avoid the high costs, but my computer skills weren't up to scratch. i know that some other ops have used a VPN successfully though.

Steve, M0BPQ

Configuration, RRC 1258 / RRC 1258 v1
« on: 2016-11-27, 19:23:35 »
Hi everyone,

I have three sets of RRC boxes including a ver 1 pair (I was an early adopter!). The ver 1 set hasn't been used for years and I have forgotten a few key points. Can you help?

I have built the cables and I can get rx audio to transfer over the Lan to my RRC dongle. However, I have serial port issues.

1) What settings/mode do I use for com 0 for the TS2K remote head? Atthe moment I have 57K6, 8, 1,0. Can I mix and match between dongle and head depending on my QTH? If so do I need to change any settings?

2) Which cable/RS232 port (front or back) do I use for CAT thru com 1. I assume it is mode 4 in the latest firmware, but I seem to recall that the ports were interconnected, but one of them needed a crossover cable? All other settings are as per the radio.

Can anyone advise on the ts-2000 settings in general or have a good memory and help me apply them to tthe V1 boxes?
Steve, M0BPQ 

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Expert amp thru com 1
« on: 2016-11-27, 19:06:28 »
Thanks for the update - I only just bought the amp - so I assumed that the latest version ships on the CD! How do I know if I have the latest one?
Steve, M0BPQ

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Expert amp thru com 1
« on: 2016-11-02, 17:40:14 »
Thanks Mitch,

I have pins 2&3 on the RRC com1 connected to 7&8 on the "port" connector of the 1.3KFA. The amp is switched on already. I wanted to be sure I hadn't missed anything simple in the manuals - it should just work, shouldn't it?


Configuration, RRC 1258 / Expert amp thru com 1
« on: 2016-11-02, 15:17:57 »

I am using my 1.3KFA with a Kenwood TS-480 and a Remote Rig (RRC) system and the RF side works a treat. I would like to use the Expert software to monitor the amp using the Expert “Port” connector with the serial data being transferred over RRC com 1. I have built (and checked!) the cable on the remoterig website. I am confident I am using the correct virtual com port, baud rate etc. The RRC boxes are configured correctly too at 9K6 baud.

I hit “connect” in the Expert software running on my remote laptop and it reports “connected” but no data from the amp is shown on screen and none of the buttons are active. I cant work out why! I don’t have a USB cable connected to the amp (which I understand disables the port data stream).

What on earth have I done wrong? 
Steve, M0BPQ

Thanks for posting this - just what I needed! Steve

General discussion forum / Re: RRC wifi card spares
« on: 2016-05-25, 12:09:00 »
Just to confirm there are some suitable cable advertised as IBEX with RP-SMA connectors on ebay for around $6 inc postage in the UK. They are much cheaper if you can wait for the slow boat from China, of course.

I am now back up and running!
Steve, M0BPQ

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