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I caught LP-Bridge in a crash - it seems to have been caused by a spurious "Q155;" in the middle of an "IS" response (see attached screenshot, if the attachment works). I was not sending CW this time, so apparently "Q155;" has some more-generic purpose in RR-speak. Can we make it so these spurious Q-codes don't leak into the CAT stream?


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General discussion forum / Re: Winkeyer Function
« on: 2012-12-13, 19:40:09 »
- If you change COM1 to use USB, then you can do both rig control (CAT over COM2)
  and CW over Winkeyer with COM1. It doesn't seem to work with a normal serial cable,
  only over USB. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug.

Could you explain this a bit more? How do you do CAT over COM2? BTW, when I say "rig control", I mean I have a computer program that wants to control the radio, using the "CAT" protocol. I have COM2 NOT configured as USB - otherwise the control radio is cannot participate. Perhaps your setup doesn't have a control radio - only software control?

The only way I can see "twin mode", "rig control (CAT)" and Winkeyer emulation all working at the same time is if there's an additional virtual COM port created for Winkeyer...


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General discussion forum / Re: Winkeyer Function
« on: 2012-12-13, 08:25:44 »
I got to try the Winkeyer option tonight. It works pretty much as I expected - with COM1 on the control end configured for Mode 8, I pointed WinWarbler (from the DXLab Suite) at it (the virual COM port pointing to COM1 via USB), as if it was a real Winkeyer, and it sends CW, honouring the speed pot on the RRC. WinWarbler doesn't seem to be able to read the RRC's speed pot, though - perhaps that's not implemented yet.

What I really need, though, is to be able to do Mode 7 (for rig control) and Winkeyer emulation (for sending CW from a contest logger) at the same time. Perhaps that will require an additional virtual COM port (like the COMFSK one).

I'm setting up an Elecraft-twin configuration for a friend. I'm using Mode-7 for COM1, so he can run logging software at either end. I have a simple CAT client that just polls with the "FA;" command every 500ms. I notice that when I send CW, using the paddle input, I start getting garbled FA responses on COM1 at the radio end (haven't checked the Control end yet):

Code: [Select]
Garbled FA response [FA0001408Q155;]
Garbled FA response [FAQ154;]
Garbled FA response [FA0Q154;]
Garbled FA response [FAQ155;]
Garbled FA response [FA00014085390Q154;]
Garbled FA response [FA0001408539Q154;]
Garbled FA response [FA00014085Q155;]
Garbled FA response [FA0Q155;]
Garbled FA response [FA0Q154;]

I'm guessing that Q154 and Q155 are part of the RR protocol for sending CW, and they seem to be "leaking into" the CAT stream.

We've been trying to run LP-Bridge on the COM1 port, and it basically works, but keeps crashing. I strongly suspect that garbled responses are causing the crashes.

Firmware is 2.65.

General discussion forum / Re: Winkeyer Function
« on: 2012-12-12, 18:43:44 »
I was going to ask about that too ... I'm wondering if it's a Winkeyer emulator, that talks the Winkeyer protocol on the virtual COM port, to drive the internal keyer.... haven't had time to poke at it yet....

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