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Small world LOL. I know Cecil so I'll say hi. Along with PARC, I am a member of the PAPA system and use the analog, DMR and D-Star repeaters.

As for Naples or Carlsbad, well Naples is cheaper. I lived in West Melbourne for ~8 years and just relocated back to EXPENSIVE SoCal :-). I went through the last two hurricanes (Cat 1 on our side). The second one damaged our roof and we were almost flooded (6 more inches) as the retention ponds overflowed and they could not pump the water into the canals as they were also over capacity. We ran our generator for 36+ hours so we didn't lose any food and kept cool with some fans. This is nothing compared to what the west cost of the peninsula got. I hope you did not sustain too much damage.

This being said, although I am not thrilled about the cost of living over here, I do prefer the SoCal climate over the hot, humid and stormy Florida coast. Our daughter lives around 20 miles south of us (Mira Mesa), which also compensates.

I will report back to this thread regarding my data connections so that others can have reference.

73 and I'll share non thread stuff and Cecil's response via E-mail.

Thanks Mitch, that will be very helpful as I start the setup of the DATA part before moving the radio, RR Radio & PSU to the shed :-)

FYI - RJ12 cable issue - It WAS the two cheap cables I bought at Fry's. The bag says "RJ12 6 pin, 6 connections" but neither cable worked. I even tried tightening the connector to no avail (used my RJ11/12 crimp tool). I am certain that if checked each wire that I would have found some "anomalies".
So ... while at Fry's I bought the last bag of RJ12 (6P) connectors they had and wired my own 6P6C cable. The result? It works great!

Moral - Don't assume that you cannot have two cables from the same 2-cable bag that are both defective. A "good price" is NOT always a bargain LOL.

FIXED !!!!

The issue was MY ERROR!

When I wired the jumpers I had wrongly assumed that the MIC/AUX side was towards the other side so I flipped the wiring.

After I re-read the instructions and looked at the picture on page 22/247 I realized my (stupid) mistake.

Result - Apart from the 6P6C 3rd party cable (which I will build on Sunday), everything works now for the basic setup.

I want to thank you for your patience and your feedback as it had me rethink what I was doing and solve the core issues.

My next configuration will be for CAT control and to build an audio I/O cable to be able to use the setup for audio/computer based data (FT8, JT65, WSPR, etc.).

I need to connect the computer to the "RR Control" so I plan to use the USB port for radio control and a DB9F-DB9F 1-1 from the "RR Radio" COM2 to the radio's COM port. That should take care of radio control.

For audio I/O - On the "RR Control", I plan to build a custom RJ45 MIC cable to feed audio from the computer to the radio, and use the SP(eaker) output for the audio IN on the computer. I will need to match the audio I/O levels to/from the computer but I don't have any other option as the USB port on the RR Control doesn't support audio.

I don't believe I need anything on the RR Radio side as long as the levels are OK on the RR Control side and that I have computer control (i.e. configured properly).

I am open to any suggestions/configurations :-).

If you prefer, my E-mail is w4afk.home(at)

Thanks again for your help. I added some extra text to my previous message while you were responding. My 480 is July 2008 vintage (S.N 00400107)

Jumpers - I did use needle nose pliers and a lighted magnifying glass to insert the jumpers. Double checked them too. I used the diagram on page 186/247 of the RR manual and followed that pattern.

To play it safe, I will remove all jumpers and carefully rewire.

Mitch ... the 6P6C cables I have don't work so I'll build one (need to buy some 6P6C connectors at Fry's on Sunday).

- I made the suggested SIP changes
- I borrowed the control head to RR1258 cable from my working system and connected it to the new system.

Result: It "almost" works. Radio turns on and I have full control. However, PTT from the mic doesn't work. (This also tells me that the two cables I bought have something wrong. I'll build my own cable)

Here is what I see:

- I connect the mic to the radio's body and PTT works

- I connect the mic to the RR Control unit and there is no PTT from the mic (I can key from the front panel)

Note: I used the RJ45 jumper cable that was provided with the RR1258 to jumper between the RR Radio and the radio itself. I also had a set of Kenwood MIC cable adapters from RR (RJ45 to Circular M and RJ45 to Circular F) so I even tried that cable after mating the Circular M-F connectors. Same results - No PTT from the radio

- I reconfigured RR Control and RR Radio to Config Type 2 (was 1) with no change in the results (no PTT from the mic). FYI - Radio's S/N is 00400107 (July 2008 vintage)

- I re-read the steps in the manual and compared to my functional system but I can't figure out why the PTT doesn't work when the MIC is connected to the RR Control's AUX/MIC port.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Mitch

- I'll use unique set of port numbers different from the first set. No port forwarding needed :-)

- Although I do use DynDNS to link to my Florida remote (1st RR1258 set), I do not use it for my internal network setup I am configuring (2nd RR1258 set).

I will try you suggestions and report back.

Maybe I wasn't clear enough. As noted in my pinouts, the RJ12 cable I have has all 6 wires connected end-to-end, no crossover. Now you are right that I should have called it 6P6C.

As I also noted in my original message, the stock TS480 control head to radio cable doesn't have wire #3 connected (total 5 wires). My "6P6C" cable has all 6.

TS-480SAT, RR-1258mkII w/WiFi

I cannot get the control head to run the radio. The RR1258 sends out multiple beeps when I press the control head's power button.

- Router confirms IP addresses assigned
- I set DHCP to ON then tried OFF on the control & remote 1258 ... no difference

I already have another set of 1258 that I use via the Internet to remote control a radio. But this time I want to control it via WiFi and inside my network.

I also compared my functioning RR1258 settings (also running a remote TS-480SAT via the Internet) to make sure that the core settings are the same.

I must be missing something very basic here.

- Do I need to do port forwarding on the router even if I am staying inside the network? I do have port forwarding on my wired remote systems' router (2682 miles away). Do I also need it for inside my network?

- Can I use the same UDP/SIP/etc ports as for my wired remote?

I also noticed that in the STATUS screen of the control unit, it says that the Other Party's IP is it's own. On the Radio unit it says Other Party's IP is

On the functioning wired system they reflect the other party's IP address.
By the way, my goal is to setup the radio in a sheltered shed without any wires. Don't know if the AC is on the same circuit so I bought a pair of 1258's with the WiFi modules as I was told it was doable.

Trying to connect a TS-480SAT control head to the RR-1258 using a standard RJ12 cable (all pins wired). It doesn't work.

To get to a baseline I set aside the 1258 and connected directly to the radio

- Used the stock Kenwood cable and it works (powers up, all functions are OK).
- Replaced it by a store bought RJ12 (1-to-1) cable and it never turns on.
- I bought two RJ12 cables so I tested using a second one ... same results
- Looked at the pins to compare and here is what I see:

Stock Kenwood cable (looking from the front, tab on top, left to right):
1. white, 2. black, 3. <nothing>, 4. red, 5. green, 6. yellow
No crossovers

Store-bought RJ12 cables (same view):
1. white, 2. black, 3. red, 4. green, 5. yellow, 6. blue
No crossovers

Is it possible that the connected #3 wire on the store bought RJ12 cable is causing the problem???

Service manual and other posts in this group show 6 wires and several posts mention than a standard RJ12 cable works. Not here (sigh)

Can it be that this older "2008" vintage TS-480SAT (S/N 00400107) only used 5 wires?

Just asking before I buy some RJ12 connectors (I have the tools but only RJ45 connectors LOL) and modify one of the store bought RJ12 cables

Thanks :-)

That's what I thought ... it was something simple that I overlooked. I'll connect a RS232 cable


have you connected the cat cable from RRC com2 to the radio ?


The remote 1258 is connected to the radio via the CAT cable.

As noted in my setup: TS-480 control head --> 1258 --> router --> gateway --> WAN --> modem --> 1258 --> TS-480 radio section work fine. I use this every day.

Now are you referring to the other connectors on the RR and radio? After all, there is only one CAT type connector on the front and another LAN/WAN connection on the back. The front one is connected to the radio and the back one to the router.

I do have one of the actual TS-480 radio ports connected to a MFJ ARI-500 so it can manage the attached ALS-600S amplifier. But this has nothing to do with RR Client as it's totally transparent.

Now I am trying to read between the lines so please bare with me ... Are you trying to say that I need another connection from the remote 1258 to the radio portion of the TS-480? Possibly the "DB9 COM2" on the back of the 1258?

This makes sense and it might be what's missing (shame on me) so a simple diagram might help a lot LOL

And yes, the COM port, baud rates, etc. are set as between the 1258.

If I do need that DB9 COM2 then it will be interesting as I have to connect the radio to the ARI-500 so the amplifier can follow the band switching. I need to check to see if it uses the COM port.

Thanks. I'll send you an E-mail ...

So to summarize:

1. Home - Control-head --> 1258 --> router --> Gateway --> ONT (fiber interface) --> [WAN --> DynDNS] --> Cable modem --> 1258 --> works fine  8)

2. Home - RR Client software w/1274A (first version with sound chip) --> router --> Gateway --> ONT (fiber interface) --> [WAN --> DynDNS] --> Cable modem --> 1258 --> doesn't work:-\

3. Office - RR Client software w/1274A (first version with sound chip) --> switch --> modem --> [WAN --> DynDNS] --> Cable modem --> 1258 --> doesn't work:-\

Note that when I tried to use the RR Client I made sure that the two 1258 devices were not connected (TS-480 control head switched to off). However, I do NOT disconnect the base 1258 from the LAN nor do I see any reason to do so as both 1258 devices are not connected to each other. I do use DynDNS but I also tried the direct IP address just in case, and I had the same results.

UPDATE - Tried on a Lenovo Yoga laptop running in Windows 10 x64 and I have the same problem. Must be a configuration issue but I can't seem to figure it out.

I cannot get RR-Client to work.

RR Client (1.9.2) w/1274A interface

- Matched RTP/UDP audio port to what's on the 1258
- Matched RTP/UDP command port to what's on the 1258
- RX jitter size= 4 (same as 1258)
- RX jitter delay = 3 (same as 1258)
- Packet Size = 20 (same as 1258)
- RRC COM 0 and 1 = inactive
- RRC COM 2 = 4- Kenwood, COM2

At this stage I make sure that the TS-480 control head is turned off (not active)

RR Client = Connect
Audio bar flashes GREEN every half second or so, RTP is green and RRC flashes red/green at the same rate as the audio bar.

Accessing the remote 1258 control port I see that Connection Status is "faulty". UDP command status (0) error (which seems right as HRD is not connected)

I start HRD (current and licensed). It's configured as follows:

- Company = Kenwood
- Radio = TS-480
- COM 2 at 9600 bps (as set in the radio and in COM 1 and COM 2 in the 1258) - Note that in the remote 1258 COM 0 is set to 57600. Now just for kicks I tried 57600 on COM 2 and COM 3.
- Flow control / Interface power = CTS unchecked, DTR unchecked, RTS checked (tried all OFF and different configurations)
- Fails w/HRD error message =  "Make sure your radio is switched ON and not in memory mode" <--Also failed reading frequency "0".

Seems like the radio doesn't turn ON.

What I have tried:

- In RR Client COM 0 and COM 1
- In HRD changed from COM 2 to COM 1, and even tried COM 3
- Confirmed that the Virtual COM ports installed with RR Client are OK

I must be missing something very basic here ... what would that be???

Normal setup: Pair of RR-1258 connected to my remote TS-480SAT
- Software   2.86
- Bootloader   1.10
- Compiler   4.6.2
- Build May 28 2015 11:12:06

RR-Client: Current (downloaded). I have the 1274A w/headset. It's recognized on the laptop.

Laptop: Windows 7 Pro x64 (up to date) <-- This is the laptop I use
Internet connection: FTTH (fiber) 1Gbps U/D - Via 802.11AC Wi-Fi I have ~400 Mbps U/D for all these tests

Operating the remote system using the TS-480 control head on my Windows 10 based ham radio computer is fine. It's been working great since day one.

As I will be on a multi-week \business trip and I want to be able to use the laptop + HRD + 1274A + Client to operate my remote station.

General discussion / Re: Problem getting RR Micro to work...
« on: 2015-07-08, 02:54:46 »
Thank you MIke. I was using the port number to manage the remote RR1258MKii. It's not needed for normal use :-)


1. I found an old 2011 post which says that ARCP-480 does not work with virtual COM ports. So I loaded HRD 6.x
2. RR1258 (remote) set COM2 to 9600 8n1
3. In RR Micro, I set COM 2 to mode 4 and virtual port 2
4. In HRD, I set COM2 to 9600 8n1 and Kenwood

It now works... However, it took me quite a while to uncover all of this. I highly suggest that you "sticky" messages that instruct users how to configure RR1258, RR-micro and HRD (or other apps) to work. It would save lots of aggravation.

I lost quite a bit of time trying to get ARCP-480 to work. If SOMEWHERE is was clearly noted that this app does not support virtual ports, it would have been great. These new crop of laptops no longer have COM ports :-)

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