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Configuration of Routers, Firewalls, etc / wnce20001
« on: 2017-11-19, 16:32:57 »
I have used the RC1258 for many years with direct connection to the router at home.  No problems.  I recently tried operating using a Netgear WNCE2001 using the wifi from the same router.  Again, no problem.  I then took the same setup to another location (a museum where the router is located in the basement).  The wifi was very weak at the operating position, so I put in a Netgear N300 range extender - worked fine and the bridge then logged in without a problem.  However, the RC does not recognise the output from the Netgear bridge - the green pwr led flashes continuously.  When I then reinstalled the RC at the home QTH I got a flashing led at the aux/mic connection indicating no SIP.  When I reset the remote site (power down/up) the connection is restored.  I went through the procedure twice - each time I connect to the Museum wifi via the bridge the RRC  pwr  led flashes continuously but at the same time necessitates a reset of the remote RRC when the local RRC is returned to the home qth. Strange...     Any ideas? 
Dave EI6AL

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Com Problem
« on: 2014-07-17, 12:15:28 »
Amp repaired and installed today.  Immediately Com1, Com2 and CAT all now working perfectly.  Would have liked to have found why this is the case, but happy that all is working. 
73 Dave

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Com Problem
« on: 2014-06-18, 18:36:00 »
Cables replaced, all units rebooted.  Still no success.  However, note that "PC" appears on TS480 screen and clicking on logger 32 clicking on cluster spot changes transceiver fx to cluster fx, so data is going out through com2, however no fx indication or band/mode info returned to logger 32 so traffic appears to be one way. None of this makes a lot of sense!!  At this stage will wait for return of amp when I know all will be well.
Thanks for assistance Mike.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Com Problem
« on: 2014-06-11, 14:08:38 »
I will replace the CAT cable from the TS480 to the RC1258 with the cable that I had used for the amp.  I suspect that is not the problem as it was a different cable that I had used from the Rotator control unit to the RC1258 so they would both have to be missing the pin5 gnd connection, but at this stage I will try anything!
73  Dave

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Com Problem
« on: 2014-06-11, 11:30:48 »
Cable is fine.  CAT works fine if use via Vlinx external unit, rotator works fine if use via Vlinx unit.  Neither will work through either com 1 or com2 on RRC1258.  Not much more I can do except wait for return of 1K amp.  I know from when this happened before that when I use amp on com1 and rotator on com2 with CAT on Vlinx then everything will work again.  Without amp on com1 neither comports work.  Very strange but have run out of ideas.  Maybe some internal problem in RC1258 that is causing this interaction between the two comports?
73  Dave

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Com Problem
« on: 2014-06-10, 17:43:26 »
Have transferred rotor control to Vlinx ethernet/rs232 server and now works ok.  Have changed rrc1258 comports as follows: Com 1  Inactive  Com2 Mode 4  Kenwood  9600, 8-1 parity off, 00hex.  Cat was working (logger32) using Vlinx,  does not work via Com 2.  Can you confirm pin connections on cable Com2 to PC?
73 Dave

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Com Problem
« on: 2014-06-09, 17:12:21 »
Have updated to V2.77, no change.  disabled RTS/CTS, no change.  With PA connected to Com 1 rotator worked on Com 2 mode 5, 4800, 8/1 hex 3b.  Have also tried mode 3, 4800, 8/1 hex 00.  Have switched rotator control unit between com 1 and com 2, no difference.  Am using Vlinx ethernet/rs232 server for CAT control which works fine.  Tried changing com2 to same parameters as Vlinx and switced CAT to COM2 - doesnt work.  Looks like COM2 just will not work without amp connected to Com 1, which does not make sense!  Could be a while before I get the amp back so any help to get rotator working would be greatly appreciated.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Com Problem
« on: 2014-06-05, 15:56:05 »
Thanks for the fast response Mike.  Firmware is version 2.66.  Com 1 rts/cts is enabled.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Com Problem
« on: 2014-06-04, 16:58:29 »
For many months I have operated remote TS480 using Com 1 for amplifier (1K Amp) and Com 2 for Rotator control (Green Heron). Some time ago the amp failed and was removed for repair.  Once removed I lost rotator Control.  Tried changing the settings and switching the rotator to Com 1, still would not connect.  Once the amp was replaced, both com ports again worked perfectly and I had rotor control plus amp.  Now again the amp has failed and once again I have lost rotor control once the RS232 lead to com 1 was unpluged.  I cannot see why there should be any impact on one Comport when the other is not used.  Has anyone seen this before, or any ideas??
Dave EI6AL

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Loss of CAT Control
« on: 2013-02-28, 10:39:40 »
My last reply wasnt too clear Guy - settings remained unchanged after reboot, but I still have no function on either RS232 port.  As last resort am considering reload of original firmware but concerned about doing that as remote site is 250km away and if anything goes wrong its a long drive.  So if there are any ideas as to why I have no functionality on com1 or com2 would appreciate hearing them.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Loss of CAT Control
« on: 2013-02-27, 12:31:49 »
Tried that Guy - everything remains as before, all settings look fine.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Loss of CAT Control
« on: 2013-02-27, 11:13:39 »
Have had to replace the remote RCC due to lightning strike.  New unit was V 2.66 so upgraded local unit firmware from 2.41 to 2.66.  Changed Remote ports to match local ports Cmd 1200 Audio 1100 SIP 5060.  Control then worked fine.  However, cannot get Com1 (Expert Amp) or Com2 (CAT TS480) to work, using exactly same configuration that had previously been used before firmware upgrades.  Is there a change to configuration on these ports that needs doing, or am I missing something obvious?

General discussion forum / Re: Audio Dropout
« on: 2012-07-28, 16:14:35 »
Thanks Mike.  There is a 232/ethernet server also on the LAN so wifi in box not a solution.  Have borrowed a couple of 5g bridge units and will be trying them next week.  Hopefully they will do the job.  Will post result.
73  Dave

General discussion forum / Audio Dropout
« on: 2012-07-27, 10:57:04 »
Have been running a pair of 1258 Mk2 for a couple of years to a remote mountain site using 3g, with no problems other than increasing latency.  A few weeks ago broadband was available at a hut 80m from the remote equipment hut so I ran CAT5 to connect.  Latency now down to 30ms (from previous 200ms to 3 sec) and everything working, but since the change notice brief audio drops - anything from a few ms to maybe 20ms every few seconds, plus intermittent crackling on audio like loose connection.  Audio checked at site and no problem and temporarily switching 1258 to other hut clears problem.  So has to be the CAT5.  Cable is high grade screened and UV protected, and have tried two different cables.  Am wondering has anyone else used long CAT5 runs in similar situation, or has similar dropout problem.  It causes no issue on SSB but is anough to make reading CW difficult as miss dots during interrupt.  Have tried various settings on packet size etc, no improvement.  Generally CAT5 lengths up to max 100m are acceptable.  Any ideas?

Hi John and Ziv,
I also use 3G but 90% of operating is CW, and average latency about 180ms.  Thought you might be interested in the settings I eventually settled on:  Audio quality 0, jitter buffer 15, jitter delay 14, audio packet size 20, LF delay 650 and key delay 200.  This works  to 30 wpm below latency 200.  The LF delay appears high (the setup suggests a max of 500) but was necessary to avoid an annoying echo on CW.  Reports on SSB have also been good.
Dave  EI6AL

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