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For Sale  Elecraft Remote Radio units. Elecraft K3/0-mini remote front panel for K3. £300.

Microbit Remote Rig interfaces type 1258MkII- K3 Twin with all cabling for K3 remote station. £250. Post and package additional as necessary.

G3PJT QTHR Cambridge..

General discussion forum / RC1216H wont turn on Acom2000A
« on: 2018-01-26, 15:59:33 »
Just configured RC 1216H to control a 2000A but the 1216 will not turn on the 2000A. ( that is the Power ON OFF button (page 44 of manual) makes a relay click but doesnt start the warm up sequence)

I can manually turn the amp on with the RCU and can then control and monitor the amp OK remotely, I can even turn it off! So that means the comms side is OK . The wiring connections seem OK too.  But I cant turn the amp on to start the warm up sequence

I think this topic might have come up before but I cant find the post with the solution, or at least a few clues as to where to start looking  :)

73 and thanks


Hi Mike,
I already increased LF delay to max and it made no difference.
Must be the internet then

73 Bob G3PJT

Hi Marvin
Thanks for the reply - I originally thought it was my poor sending  :)  but I now have  used  a PC generated mesage to check. And there are quite a lot of errors from time to time.
Originally I never thought to check what was actually being sent rather than what the sidetone said.
Unusable on CW at the moment I am afraid. OK on SSB though, I think.

73 Bob G3PJT


I think that others may have had this problem but I am not clear as to the fix.
If I send a stream of dots about every 2 to 3 seconds the transmission misses a dot. Sounds like something is polling the link .
The setup is K3 twin and as the remote and the control are on the same network it's rather easy to hear the effect.

Any ideas where to start?

73 and thanks

General discussion forum / K3/0 and KX3 equivalence
« on: 2015-05-04, 12:33:11 »
Does anyone know if the KX3 ( in remote mode or not) can  be set up to work as equivalent to the K3/0?

Thanks for any comments


Been having a one way audio problem. My Icom SM20 works very well with my K3. But would not work with the RR Control unit set for the Elecraft hardware settings. After a lot of hunting we found that the mic did not produce any output when plugged into the Control. What seems to be happening is that although the mic is biased  the AF is filtered out.

Anybody seen the same effect ?

Thanks for any comments

73 Bob G3PJT

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