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Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Expert amp thru com 1
« on: 2016-11-23, 14:39:00 »
could somebody explain where to get the special version?

The one available from SPE doesn't even work directly - always says no com port on PC which is wrong

mny tnx

Hi Gerry ,
Looking forward to that piece of software!

Would your software for example also work for like controlling a TS-590 with a TS-480 Display?
What I dont have clear in my mind is will your soft emulate the "display-cable" or translate the displays data output into CAT-controll commands?

Good I kept my USB to display cables I had from my W4HQ TS4800 remote setup  ;D

Looking forward to test that



Hi everyone,

as my Setup with my TS-480 works excellent and having the opportunity to remount some 6m,2m and 70cm antennas at my parents german QTH,
I wonder if somebody has already tried to detach the Frontpanel of the Yaesu FT-897D which lays around and would fit good for that use.

Why do I ask this question which seems stupid at first look? - FT-857 and 897 are quiet identical on HW side, except for the battery part.
When you open up an FT-897D you will find most likely the same wireing for Display and MIC present on the mobile rig FT-857.
A quick look at the Service manual confirmed this. So purely theoretically spoken why not dismount/detach the FP of the FT-897
, build some adaptercabling for MIC and display cabling and building a metal plate to cover the lack of HF closed housing on the 897?
The only "excess cables" are those from the Battery management of the rig, which are not important while on remote.

So why don't i use it simply with HRD or any other CAT software? Because I want (a display and) a big knob to turn  ;D.
Dont know about quality or if the vfo feeling can be simulated with one of those USB 3D Mouse turning knobs ( anyone tried?) but I feel more
comfortable by using a knob to turn VFO on the faceplate. For the rest I dont care - I just want the VFO feeling wich is not possible with a PC mouse.
Especially on the Yaesu I dont care for buttons which would be easier to press on a PC than on the Rig  ;D

So, as I assume I'm not the first person with that silly idea of detaching the faceplate of the FT-897D, does someone have some more infos , maybe from other forums/ discussion groups etc..?
I remember having read some years ago on I think it was a yahoo group about that case but cannot find it again.
Maybe display protocol on 897 differs - I don't know and I don't have knowledge / equipment to check that - but maybe you have infos that could help
seeing wether or not this uncommon "project" is feasable or not.

Waiting for your input now ;-)

Many thanks


General discussion forum / Re: What Radio?
« on: 2012-11-05, 00:10:59 »

did not see it  ;D

Great news :-)



General discussion forum / Re: What Radio?
« on: 2012-11-04, 23:01:46 »
@ MIke,
Can you already give us a positive answer if the future ICOM IC7100 will be supported?


General discussion forum / Re: Dual ts-480 control panel
« on: 2012-05-10, 22:40:28 »
Hi Brad,
Don't knwo if you are the owner of the mentionned Yahoo group, but i would love to have the files but after weeks
after subscription of group now got a mail that I was refused :-(

Is there a way you could post them here ??? or mail the files ?

Willt ry to lookup you mail and write you because actually i have only internet via phone (am with Qrl in EA1)

many thanks


(written with mobile phone)

General discussion forum / Re: Yeasu FT 857
« on: 2012-01-25, 07:55:03 »
Wow good news for all 857 users and possibly a whole bunch of new users coming with this radio supportet with detached Display.

When it's out I will give my 897 a try as the wiring behind the attached face is or should be the same after a quick look to the
service manual.
(At least cable number HI)
Would be great for me to activate a sencond QTH for 6m/VHF/UHF.

Looking forward to the next fw release ;-)



General discussion forum / Re: Dyndns no longer free?
« on: 2011-12-02, 10:48:59 »
Would be great for further dyn-dns operator problems if a manual config option could be added to the
firmware :-)



Thanks for the answer

Hmmm ... Ok  :'( so I 'll need to find another solution.

mny tnx




I wonder where the "extended" dyndns config went.
I can remember having seen that RRig box supported entering custom update URL's for dyndns service.
All I have in my box are 3 fields - domain , user  pass :-(

I have a proper domain were my hoster allows me to use subdomains as dyndns.
Any chance to get the updater url field back??

Update-URL =<domain>&myip=<ipaddr>

Would be a shame and pain to try mapping the dedicated subdomain to a standart dyndns account.

My question prooves that my boxes are running without any major incident since i have them
so i didn't payed attention to those changes;-)

Many thanks




Have a look on the different audio codecs of RRig boxes. Maybe Your wireless connections has not enough
bandwidth for actual config. Try to choose a codec with lower bandwidth usage.



Many thanks for your reply Mike.



General discussion forum / Re: Audio Problem at 52.525 FM
« on: 2010-07-15, 13:11:18 »
I had the same problem ( + distordet audio)

My solution with my ts-480 was to properly adjust the compressor ( if yours is activated)
It was doing more than needed and worked extremly on 6m - the rest was OK.
Taking the compressor a bit backwards and since its working like a charm.

Sorry for my bad english



Very happy I saw the new Software solution and thought - wow finally I could
also use my remote Setup with my Remoterig boxes mobile, for example from work
without carrying the 2nd box and display.

So I downloaded the software and installed it to test.
But unfortunatly it shows me - No usb found - no calls could be made :-(

So does the Softwaresolution only work with this PTT USB Sound card or is there a
way for all those having already bought a set of boxes to use the software
without this remoterig usb stick?

Many thanks

Félix - still happy with his lovely boxes :-)

Dump Question - Have you (N4HH) configured Dyndns accound in your router or Remoterig uint?
If not - Dyndns cannot guess IP your provider assigns to you - you have to enter the accound deteails into router
ord Remoterig so that the box can update the IP on Dyndns server.
Don't forget the portforwardings on the remote side ( Rig side).

Assigning DHCP address to the remote Unit (Rig side) is only a good idea if your router always distributes the same IP to
remoterig. Else the portforwardings don't work.

@ both

Best way is:

1)create dyndns account - enter dyndns data into your router so that router can update the ip for dyndns.
2)give the remote unit a fixed ip inbetween the routers subnet. ( DHCP may work if the router assigns always the same IP to the unit)
3) create the necessary port forwardings on the router.

4) configure control unit ( display side) with IP (DHCP OK) and the dyndns address as target.
- cheack if all settings are configured correctly for your radio

5) enjoy :-)

Hope I could help you


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