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General discussion forum / Re: No Keyer Output
« on: 2017-10-30, 10:17:59 »
OK, thanks guys.  I will give Mike's suggestion a try and report back with my results.

General discussion forum / Re: No Keyer Output
« on: 2017-10-30, 09:57:15 »
Hi Mike,

So if I use out0/out1 (both are free), I make no changes to the control side, and I can still use my paddle?  Do I have to do any further mapping, or just set e.g. "Out0 Mode=Keyer" on the radio side and the unit will map it correctly?


General discussion forum / Re: No Keyer Output
« on: 2017-10-30, 03:38:33 »
Hi Mitch,

Thanks for writing.  I did check the cables, I've jiggled them and VOMed them and no (positive) effect.  They are brand new and commercially made.

This RR unit was attached to a TS-480HX that suffered a direct lightning strike about two and a half years ago.  The 480 and the antenna tuner were destroyed.  The remote tuner was vaporized -- a hole was blown in the case, toroids blown to pieces, etc.  Fortunately I did have grounding and surge protectors in place and the radio suffered no visible damage, but the CPU was ruined.  I chucked this RR unit into storage for two and a half years and only just brought it back out for testing with a new rig.  I thought I had escaped damage to the RR unit, but now I am not so sure.  I wonder if the keying FET could be damaged.  All other remote control functions (including voice) seem to work fine.

But it really is odd that it worked fine and then it didn't, changing no settings or cables!


General discussion forum / No Keyer Output
« on: 2017-10-29, 19:52:40 »
Hello all,

I have a pair of RRC-1258 MkII units for use with a TS-480HX.  I've been testing my setup and have encountered an issue.  Previously (a few days ago), the CW keying was working fine, but now it does not.  I am using a paddle on the control side, and I do hear the correct locally generated sidetone.  However, there's no keying on the radio side.  I have checked with a VOM and determined that the RemoteRig unit is not keying the PAD connection.  I'm using the same cable as before between the radio side RR unit and the TS-480HX's key port.  If I short the end of that cable out, the TS-480HX transmits (it does have VOX enabled).  Previously, when everything was working, I exported my settings from both the control and radio units, and I just did the same now and "diff'ed" them.  All settings are the same.  Here they are for reference:

Radio Side:
PTT activated by Keyer = YES (I have tried both settings here)
OUT2 mode = Keyer
OUT2 mode = Off (I can set it to On, but it doesn't seem to make a difference and it reverts to Off after reboot.  Was Off when it worked previously)

Control Side:
Keyer Settings Enable = YES
I/O Settings IN0 mode = Keyer

I'm wondering if I have a hardware fault in the Remote Rig radio side unit.  Any other ideas for things to check?

Thanks and 73,

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