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I found the documentation on RemoteRig for the Elecraft K3 for the AUX/MIC Jumpers. I wired an RJ45 with Pins 3 & 4 for the Mic & gnd. I am going from the headphone jack to the RJ45 and I still get the same thing. I take the Plug out of the headphone jack and replace it with my headphones and I hear tones on transmit. I'm stumped!  Jeff

That doesn't sound as easy as you say. Do you have any reference as to how I wire up the Aux\MIC RJ-45 conncetor?

I have been able to verify that the WSJT-X software is sending FT-8 audio out of the VAiO laptop. However, when I connect the MIC and SPKRs cables up between the K3/0 and the Vaio, all I see is 4 or 5 "blips" of signal out put during the transmission sequence. I would expect to see more of a higher average output due to the higher duty cycle of FT8.

So it looks like the audio is getting to the radio. I have it set for USB. What am I missing??? Thanks - Jeff W0JM

Under General Settings, Radio Tab, I have CAT Control on Serial Port Com10, Data Bits 8, Stop Bits 2, Handshake None, Force control lines are blank.
PTT Method is CAT, Port 10 is grayed out. *Transmit Audio Source - Both Rear/Data and Front/Mic are grayed out. Mode is USB Split operation is None.
I have run the Test Cat and it works.

Under The Audio Tab, I have the Microphone for Input and Output is Speakers both are set to Mono. To the best of my knowledge I haven't modified settings in the other tabs.

Thanks - Jeff

Sorry if that was misleading. I have the k3/0 in USB and going into the Mic & SPKRS jacks on the K3/0 from the Laptop. While I appear to be keying the transmitter, It doesn't appear to be transmitting any FT8 data. Does that help?

I could use some help. I'm using a K3 through RemoteRigs to a K3 Zero. I can decode and key the transmitter but I don't appear to be sending tones to the K3/zero. I've tried swapping the 3.5mm spkrs and MIC plugs but still no joy. Any ideas as to what is not configured right? Thanks, Jeff

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Configuring for JT Modes
« on: 2018-02-11, 00:52:00 »
Hi! I have the same configuration and am unable to transmit using WSJT remotely. I have good audio out of the Laptop and I see the rig go into transmit mode but no audio. Iíve tried using the 3.5mm jack on the left side of the K3/0 as well as the microphone jack. Any suggestions??? 73- Jeff W0JM

This was resolved with a newer version of HRD!

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Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: Audio Drops
« on: 2016-04-16, 19:24:19 »
Bingo! That did it! Thanks!

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Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: Audio Drops
« on: 2016-04-04, 01:36:51 »
 After verifying the error from RRC to RRC I had a friend connect with his RRC. He got the RTP failure just like I did and it seem to take about a minute to reset and reconnect. The interesting thing is this happens like clockwork every 15 minutes. The 15 minute rule carries over even between connection sessions. I was seeing drop outs at :11, :26, :41, and :56. If I disconnect and wait to reconnect at :10 it will fail within two minutes. If I connect at :28 it won't fail until :41. I'm not sure if this indicates something in the network resetting on a fixed interval but it certainly isn't random.

When it does fail the status page of the local RemoteRig says "RTP/UDP audio status Stalled(18)". The number varies between failures. When the connection is good the status page says "RTP status Excellent(60)".

I used a Telnet client to connect to my local RemoteRig to monitor the connection and it shows the failures and reset as

rtp disable
duplex: New Audiocoding 103 (12 KHz)
CP-> Radio ON(Idle)
duplex: New Audiocoding 103 (12 KHz)
duplex: New Audiocoding 103 (12 KHz)
duplex: New Audiocoding 103 (12 KHz)
New UDP CmdTxPort=13002
rtp enable []
CP-> Sending 8V: 0 Mute spk: 0
CP-> audioQuality=3
duplex: New Audiocoding 103 (12 KHz)
mode14: master-init-start
mode14: master-init-done

The Telnet connection let's us know if the failure is happening without having to sit and listen to the connection constantly. It's too bad it doesn't timestamp the messages.

Is there something in the radio RRC that could be responsible for this? I would be more than happy if you want to contact me off line at w0jm at ARRL.Net and I will be happy to give you SIP address and password for you to look further into this if you would like.

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: Audio Drops
« on: 2016-04-03, 16:52:21 »
I still get audio drops with the RRCs directly connected. This doesn't occur frequently, which makes it difficult to troubleshoot. It will eventually reconnect. I swapped the NIC cable between the RRCs to make sure it wasn't a cabling issue. Besides the NIC cable, can you give me an idea which of the other RRC cables could be contributing to the drop issue?

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Audio Drops
« on: 2016-03-28, 08:27:29 »
I have been experiencing audio drops at my control site and thought it was do to a poor internet connection. However, I was at the remote site with the RRC and K3/0 and experienced the same audio dropping on a 100 mb network! Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this? Thanks in advance - W0JM

I would like to set up my station so I can use a local computer with TeamViewer so I can use a pan-adapter as well as remote control other station functions. I see the biggest issue being the rs232 cable which passes the frequency information. Is there any way to configure RemoteRig for this?

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So far I have gotten My K3 and K3/0 working quite nicely with RemoteRig. I have N1MM+ working for CW as well. However, I am trying to use Ham Radio Deluxe and am having issues that I hope someone can help me with. I connect with Ham Radio Deluxe at 38.4K ant it reads frequency and can control various functions of the radio. However, after I bring up the logging program, it tends to freeze up. I am unable to click on a spot and have the radio go to that frequency. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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