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The issue has not occured anymore. New router is very stable and many other small issues that have been plaguing my remote system are gone.


After searching for yet another replacement router solution I took an old 3GHz Core2 Duo PC, put another Intel network card in and installed ClearOS 7 operating system. It is a network server oriented Linux operating system. Setting up was very easy. This system is now router on my remote site and based on few days of use experience I feel very positive. TCP error counters stay on very low levels on RC-1216H's (max 2, mostly 0) and erratic behaviour I have described has never appeared.

My previous router was D-Link DSR-250N and I recommend eveyone to stay away from it. Instead, take an old PC, install ClearOS, PfSense or some other Linux operating system and enjoy stable router solution.


General discussion / Re: RRC-Micro CW macro problem
« on: 2017-06-03, 13:29:40 »
This is still not solved..


It seems that changing the remote side router has not solved the problem. There is now much less need to reboot my remote system due to router hanging but issue related to 1k-FA and rotor control remains.

I have three sites where I can control my station from. They are:

Site 1. Windows 7 Professional, Firefox, Avast virus protection, Televell TW-EAV510 router. ADSL line 8M download, 1M upload, 40ms ping with
Site 2. Windows 7 Enterprise, Firefox, no avast virus protection, very fast fixed line 50M download, 50M upload, 4ms ping with
Site 3. Windows 7 Professional, Firefox, Avast virus protection, fiber optic line 50M download, 30M upload, 4ms ping with

All sites use network connection from the same service provider.

Problems I have described never appear when using rotor or 1k-FA web control from Site 2. TCP error counters on RC-1216H's stay on low levels, 0 to just a few.

Site 1 is my primary control site where I experience problems. However, I can easily reproduce same problems in site 3. When checking system info pages of RC-1216H's from time to time, TCP error counters go to 5-20 in just few minutes. When rotor and 1k-FA controls hang very badly they sometimes return to operation without rebooting and in this situation when I read TCP error counter there is sometimes 9-digit reading (hundreds of millions). Reset (removing operating voltage from RC-1216's and connected rotators and 1k-FA) always immediately returns operation. 2 x RC-1216H for rotators and 1 x RC-1216H for 1K-FA uses same power supply. But because I have never problems from Site 2 PSU problem is not very likely. Problems happen totally without RF so shouldn't be an EMI issue.

I have tried removing Avast virus protection but no change in situation.

In worst cases all 3 RC-1216H's can go into a state where they don't respond anymore (this is the situation what I mean above by hanging badly). Just like they would not be even on. In the same time all other IP devices in remote station respond normally, K3 remote works fine etc.

Maybe this is network congestion problem on service provider due to heavy traffic? But why only RC-1216H's suffer so badly from it?

General discussion / Re: RRC-Micro CW macro problem
« on: 2016-10-10, 09:42:34 »
New observation from today: when sending so much macros (like calling in pileup) that text screen below macro buttons becomes full, macros don't work properly anymore. Clearing text screen with clear button does not correct the problem and the client must be restarted. This is with version All this restarting takes way too much time in a pileup.

General discussion / Re: RRC-Micro CW macro problem
« on: 2016-07-04, 09:18:27 »
I have now updated to 2.90 but the same problem is still there.

General discussion / Re: RRC-Micro CW macro problem
« on: 2016-06-01, 17:31:09 »

General discussion / Re: RRC-Micro CW macro problem
« on: 2016-05-31, 08:26:33 »
Version tried and it has the same problem.

I have some doubts now that problems were caused by router (cheap 40 EUR Jensen). Simultaneously with the problems I reported I also had other communication issues like intermittent SIP audio and slow frame rates and freezing video streams from my IP cameras. I have now changed the router. So far so good. I follow the situation for at least a month now.

Next visit to station will take place in the end of March, so no news yet. I will then replace serial cable. But this doesn't sound like cable problem because equipment resets always fix the problem for some days...

Cable is not checked for possible intermittent connection with DVM or visually by opening connectors. I will do it next time when I will be at my station.

This happens totally without RF. All radio equipment is off and if I try to turn on just amplifier without RF this happens sometimes.

New observation from today:

When I get the screen like in capture2.jpg, pushing DISPLAY CMD buttons makes all leds appear in correct color FOR 3-4 seconds instead of just white, then they turn white again. So led in upper right corner turns from flashing to constant green, FULL/HALF led becomes RED (in FULL) and OPERATE/STANDBY led becomes RED (OPERATE selected). And after 3-4 seconds FULL/HALF and OPERATE/STANDBY leds turn all white but MAIN and ON leds stay RED. If I push DISPLAY CMD again this repeats..

And also frequency readout and temperature appear correct when led colors are correct, when mentioned leds turn white, frequency and temp reading turn to "--".

Yes it is. I guess its pretty much the reason why you provide the serial server functionality in RC-1216H, to be able to connect with Expert Console2 as well. This is explained starting from page 57 in the RC-1216H manual.

What I mean is that mentioned "leds" stay white.

Not browser dependent, same thing happened with IE. When web interface was not functioning correctly I contacted also with Expert Console2 and whew, all items appear correctly also on web control screen. Go figure.


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