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General discussion / Micro, 7100, pulsing audio.
« on: 2016-10-15, 08:22:00 »
I'm now looking to order the RRC Micro and working on getting everything running beforehand. I am getting a couple of problems.

In the RRC client the green bar graph is pulsing about once per second, and the RRC light pulses green and a flicker of orange or red in time with the bar graph. When I open HRD and slide the volume the audio pulses in one second busts.

I am getting a UDP cmd status error(0).

The audio out port is normally 13001 with the radio RRC connected and the 7100 head. Everything works fine with this setup. With the RRC client connected the audio output port switches to 13003 and the command Out port to 13004.

Here is the status page from the radioRRC;

Connection status
Faulty(See below)
SIP status
Last SIP error
RTP status
UDP cmd status
SIP command timeout
Rx Jitter buffer size
Rx Jitter delay
Dual Rx
Current audio packet size
Current audio quality
0 - alaw 8 kHz
External IP
SIP Out port
SIP In port
Audio Out port
Audio In port
Command Out port
Command In port
External SIP In port
External Audio In port
External Cmd In port
Other party
Input 1
Input 2
Output 0
Output 1
Output 2
Dynamic DNS status
Ping status (watchdog)
DNS status
OK, =
Active profile
7100 Base
PTT status
Antenna-Switch (IP)
not connected
Common network settings
System messages

My system is Windows10. I followed the instructions on another posting for the Microbit device manager and was not able to get a resolution.

Any assistance will be appreciated.


General discussion forum / Re: RF killing RR box at Remote.
« on: 2016-09-20, 02:57:15 »
Perhaps it's best to start at the source of the RF radiation, the feedline. Many 1:1 isolation baluns offer poor common mode impedance to stop feedline radiation.

A simple balun with 5-6 turns of coax through several mix 31 snap-on ferrites at the antenna feedpoint is a good place to start. It shouldn't be too difficult to get 2000-4000 ohms of resistive  choking impedance. Some cheap baluns offer only a few hundred ohms and consequently work poorly. Shooting for at least 2500 ohms resistive is a good idea.

Once the feedline is properly decoupled with multi-turn mix 31 common mode chokes, the same method will work well for any other wiring in the system that needs decoupling.

In my own system, every cable is choked for RF. My feedline is choked with around 10,000 ohms resistive at 80M and no RF issues. Unbalanced antennas or balanced antennas that are unbalanced due to installation variables will require much more choking.

More power requires more choking. Common mode current increases to the square of the power increase. Double the power generates four times the common mode current.

As mentioned in other posts there are some excellent articles available. Many hams fumble around dealing with RF issues. Grounding is important from a safety standpoint but is almost irrelevant with respect to RF ingress. Proper decoupling - RF choking - is the correct way to deal with this.

Vancouver BC

Turns out the problem was with the IC-7100. For whatever reason the issue only showed up with the 7100 operating through the remoterig. I ended up reloading the 7100 firmware and the problem appears to be resolved. Somewhere long the line something must have got corrupted.

Happy to have my system running 100%.

Thanks for the responses and '73.

Vancouver BC

If I remove the remoterig from the system there are no apparent issues with the 7100. Everything appears to function normally.

If I view one meter function, everything is normal. If I view four meters it's trouble.

If you are familiar with the IC7100, there are several screens that can be viewed on the display with different information. One of them all meter functions can be displayed at the same time. This is the one that is the problem. If I select only one meter to display at a time then there is no problem.

I have switched several power supplies and there is no difference. Firmware is 2.90. Screen brightness is usually full.

The only change from ok to the problem is selecting one or four meters on the screen. I have attached pix to show one or four meters selected.


Feature Requests / Icom full features
« on: 2016-08-19, 00:23:17 »
I continue for the most part to be very pleased with the remoterig with my 7100. Originally I used the app during the trial period.

I found however I didn't feel the app was worth purchasing as many key features were not available. Many of these features have been requested already and I understand there is a process to development of the app and other priorities for the developers.

I do look forward to seeing a more full featured version of the app that would allow use of my radio with my auto tuner function and also access to the many pre-programmed memories, for use both HF and importantly VHF/UHF (repeaters).

The app now is a bit of a novelty, but is so limited it is not particularly useable.

Are there plans to expand the capability of the app with more features? I know others have expressed this. With such a great product it would be exciting to be able to use the system to its full capability.

Vancouver, BC

My 7100 reboots on transmit after a few seconds mostly on HF, and also VHF / UHF. The remoterig also acts like it is power cycling with a full reboot.

I thought RF was the issue as it rebooted constantly. Eventually I figured out that this happened only on my favorite screen with all meters up on the screen. If I change to any other screen the system does not reboot.

For several months now I have avoided the screen with all meters visible and not a single reboot!

I have no idea why this particular screen sees the reboot problem but no problem on other screens. This happens remote and also on the LAN.

I would like to figure this out so any theories are appreciated.

My system is heavily decoupled in all respects, and I can say with some confidence that stray RF in my system is not an issue.

My setup does continue to disconnect and restart on receive occasionally, but the internet connection may be the fault there.

Any ideas welcome.

Vancouver BC

General discussion forum / Re: RRC 1258 reboots on wifi
« on: 2016-03-09, 16:24:56 »
The power supply was / is fine. I'm suspecting the wifi antenna was faulty or damaged. 

After reloading the firmware to eliminate that as a problem, I switched power supplies and then antennas.

The antenna swap appears to have resolved the problem. As designed, with a wifi signal problem the system would disconnect periodically. I have the system set to shut down upon disconnect.

Pleased that it was a simple and external fix.

General discussion forum / RRC 1258 reboots on wifi
« on: 2016-03-03, 20:19:55 »
I am operating an IC-7100 with the display connected to the RRC1258 control and wifi module installed.

Lately the RRC1258 reboots occasionally while receiving and often while transmitting. It appears to power cycle. The interesting part is that is only does this on WIFI.

The reboot happens when on my home wifi (LAN) or remote (WAN). If I connect the RRC1258 control through a cat5 cable to a router, the system does not reboot and appears to operate normally.

I did update the firmware with the new CW pot profile select version 2.89.

I will try re-loading the firmware. Any ideas otherwise?


Feature Requests / Re: 7100
« on: 2016-02-16, 03:45:46 »
I've been using the CW pot profile switching all day.

Thanks again for responding to customer requests. Outstanding work!

Feature Requests / Re: 7100
« on: 2016-02-15, 20:43:19 »
Awesome! The new feature works perfectly!

Thanks you so much.



Feature Requests / Re: 7100
« on: 2016-02-15, 17:51:20 »
I've been away and just noticed your posting. Thanks!

Will test tonight.


Feature Requests / Re: 7100
« on: 2016-01-29, 17:25:45 »
I recall another post requesting this with your solution of a manual switch, and this would work well for me also.

Thank you for considering this request. If I understand correctly, you are suggesting to add a profile switching option to the I/O mode drop down menu?

EDIT: I just re-read your post and it seems you are talking about the turning the CW potentiometer to select profile, is this correct? I think this would work fine.

Feature Requests / Re: 7100
« on: 2016-01-29, 01:46:18 »
I've tried this and it is a no-go on my system. And, for various reasons, changing the router is not practical  on my setup.

I'm surprised I appear to be (unfortunately) the only one suggesting this feature? Perhaps other portable users just login and switch profiles without concern?

If the change to the firmware is not a difficult one, it would make the product a bit more usable for some operators.

Feature Requests / Re: 7100
« on: 2016-01-28, 07:51:57 »
I use the system at home and take it away with me remote. My 7100 display is always connected through the Remoterig.

I have to use two separate profiles for this. One profile when the control is on my LAN with an IP on the home network,  and a different profile when logging in from outside my home network.

I have to manually switch between the two profiles. What I'm requesting is that the system would link my home profile to my home network so it would switch the profile automatically. Anything outside my home network could be linked to the second profile.

Switching profiles when taking the system remote is the only user input required, but I find it a hassle since I am home and away remote several times each day.

Otherwise I am very pleased. My 7100 occasionally reboots on it's own schedule but I will hopefully work through that at some point.

Perhaps this point of discussion is better served in a different section, but you asked here so I posted here.

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