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Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / Re: RC1216L problem?
« on: 2016-03-30, 07:03:54 »
Thank you Mike. My mistake.

Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / RC1216L problem?
« on: 2016-03-29, 18:42:38 »
A few days ago received:
Software 4.23, Hardware 3, Bootloader 1.12, Build NOV 3 2015, S/N 3176                         
rotor controller 1216L, HW>=5 FW 5 ,PID 4                           
and a 12V power supply,waiting for the Remoterig 1258MkIIs set I ordered, to complete my setup.
Wanting to be sure that everything is working as expected ,I made on the bench , all the connections as in the manual , connecting 1216L to BUS A , powering it from the webswitch. In the 1216L  input I connected a potentiometer voltage divider (same type as in my rotator) with a voltage range 0.5V to 4.8V (clean no ripple) .
After that, I can see and control webswitch and 1216L from my browser.
Webswitch is perfectly working (relays- 1 wire bus ). After calibrating 1216L by turning the potentiometer 0-360 degrees and inserting the A/D values in the respective boxes, I can return to the rotator page where I can see the graphic as the numerical display.  CW , CCW and brake relays are working properly, preset turning is working also. Turning the potentiometer of the voltage divider 0-360 degrees I can see the changes to both displays but the values fluctuate from +/- 3 degrees  most of the time to +/- 10 degrees  some times ,wich is too much I think.
Wanting to be sure that this is not a voltage ripple problem, I replaced the voltage divider power supply with a battery, but nothing changed.
What I noticed is that the A/D values range from 1 to about 350 for a change of 0.5 to 4.8V and not as in the manual example 1 to about 800 ( rotator settings page). If I understand well, the A/D value for 0-5.1 V variation and 10 bits resolution, should change from 0-1023. Can someone tell me if this is the normal behavior of 1216L??
SV1AHX Andreas

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