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All those ports are forwarded, but I still get the UDP command status error(0).  What can cause this error?

No, I don't need UDP control I'm only interesed in whether or not it will affect audio or PTT.

I am getting the UDP command status error.  Possibly because it's not enabled in WiFi connection.  I am using the RRC for audio and PTT only.  Will the error affect operation for these functions?

OK thanks.  I was not aware of profiles.

Thanks Mitch.  Seems like there should be an easier way to switch between radios than having to change 4 port numbers in the control RRC, but that would be a future enhancement I guess.  I think I'll just keep same ports on all radio RRC's and power them on and off with an IP power switch.

OK thanks.  So you have to change all 4 ports in Advanced to switch to a different RRC?

OK, then what address do I enter in the control RRC, in the radio address box, from outside of the LAN?  You can't enter any address like IPAddress:Portno. 

Yes, I know how to change the radio RRC port and IP address.  I am not asking how to do that.  I am asking how to connect the control RRC to a specific radio RRC when several are turned on and on the same LAN.  Port forwarding is set up with different port numbers, but how is the address specified in the control RRC to direct to a specific port.  Entering the IP address alone is ambiguous.

General discussion forum / Addressing multiple radio RRC's
« on: 2016-06-06, 11:19:22 »
How do I connect to a specific radio when there are multiple radio RRc's with different LAN IP's?  Each RRC's has its own forwarded port number, but how do I specify the connection in the control RRC?  The address box for the radio RRC (in the control web page) doesn't appear to allow entering the port number as part of the IP address.

When using multiple radios with multiples radio RRC's, how can you direct the connection from the control RRC to a specific radio, with a different forwarded port?  Can you enter the port no. with the IP address in the addreees box?

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