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as per instructions I have just typed in the space.
still not working.

I have open the UDP for 13001 13002 and 13005

Therefore I tried to activate the DMZ with the IP of the interface given by the router...

Any hints?

Hi Mitch,
thanks for your reply.

I didn't type http://

just the

Sorry to be confusing.

These are the settings: if you connect to
you can see...


Hello everyone,

I have setup my RRC with the DDNS
even if I can manage to remotely see the interface at this address

So, I also added the IP of the interface (given by the router) into the DMZ setting of the router.'s not working at all.

Can anyone give me some insights?


General discussion forum / Re: Remote Rig Repair
« on: 2018-02-01, 00:39:39 »
thanks for your reply.

I still do not understand.
Nothing has changed. The only maybe has changed is here (remote side) where I changed the access point. I just updated the wifi password. that's it.

What I do not understand is why we have the same problem (myself and this other OM) and you suggested him to bring back to you the remote rig and indeed to me you suggest to simply check the connection.

Should maybe try to check the SIP number?

However, when I go to the ttls your wesbite to check if he solved the dynamic ip , yes it's working well.

So, I do not undersstnad where the problem is.
If you could help I will be grateful to you

best 73

General discussion forum / Re: Data Abort
« on: 2018-01-20, 15:56:03 »
Same here.
Worked flawlessy for 1 year.
Since one month: Data Abort at 0x000541a8, called by 0x0004259c

Firmware 2.90 - Microbit RRC 1258 MKII -
Kenwood TS 480.

best 73

same here,
after 1 year of perfect job I got this error:
Data Abort at 0x000541a8, called by 0x0004259c

What's going on? Firmware is the 2.90.
Kenwood TS 480

General discussion forum / Re: Remote Rig Repair
« on: 2018-01-20, 15:51:22 »
I 've same issues here.

He worked for 1 year. No problem.

Now the "system message" is:

Data Abort at 0x000541a8, called by 0x0004259c

What should I do / check on the motherboard of my RRC-1258 mk2?


thanks for your answer.

You said:
"on the radio side should use a mono plug if available and go to the TS-480's key jack. "

Where is this TS 480 key jack ? I have just the panel with me.

Last question:
I understood the signalink usb directly into the mic plug... but..should I configure the singalink for KENWOOD TS 480 I suppose, right?


I am enjoying my Kenwood TS 480 remotely ... France / Italy.
That's nice. Now I would like to use my straight key and my signalink usb interface.

So first question: I read on the manual I should connect the key to the rear of my radio RRC and I should set the manual software to "squeech key" -  (old key). Then I should activate VOX on the kenwood TS 480 and i should use a stereo plug. Is this correct? It doesn't work though!

About the PSK31 / sstv - should I connect the signalink to the kenwood ts 480 body ?


Hello everybody,
I finally configured my kenwood TS 480sat to work with remote rig.
Excellent - I am so happy.

There is only one problem now.

The internal auto tuner of the kenwood TS 480 doesn't work. On the roof I have a HF antenna that should be resonant for 20 - 40 meters band. It works: I can hear distinct CW and USB QSOs. When I want to tune.. because I have higher SWR I press just once and beeps saying in CW SWR !

I tried other 2 antennas - a long wire and another vertical HF antenna but.... NEVER WORKS!

I just reset to factory the KEWNOOD TS 480 ...but still doesn't work. Any suggestions?


 :D :D :D

Yes, the router is also modem / it is unique solution.
So let me see if I understood well... I can use the router I configured today (that works) (entering DMZ, bla bla) to "bridge" (WPS right?) re-transmit the wifi signal of the neighboor....

 router of my friend with its uncofigurable settings -----> linked to my router (WPS mode) (I just need to use it as EXTENDER?) and here configure everything - is this right?

Will it work? really!!? I am so happy now, I hope you're right!

Thanks again

Hello everybody.
I had some progress... I managed to make it work ONLY opening the right IP on the DMZ.

The problem is that this is just a long distance remote test. It isn't the definitive place. I mean: I am in France, my father in Italy helping me via Skype. At home we have nice router, high configurable...and I can play with DMZ etc etc...

The plan is to just move this RADIO RRC side to the country side where there is a neighbour that has given to me his password...
I saw the router - it's a very basic one from the major italian company (telecom) which is NOT configurable - is for dummies!

What to do? Do you believe it will work or not?

Thanks in advance

what do you mean for "radio problem?"

Can you explain to me? I got a strange problem when, occasionally, the system works: I can't Tune it! on every band!
do you experience the same problem?


I finally managed to remotely control my radio...and also later on ... I mean I turned off and on again many times my control-RRC ... no problem.. always ease to connect to remote radio-rrc. I also turned off and on and then off again the DMZ - it worked (so I assume is not dependent on the DMZ).

I asked my father on the other site (radiorrc) to reset the router - and get a new IP address.
The DDNS remote rig service correcty identified the IP - after few seconds...
but..when I tried to connect again on the panel side (control RRC) it didn't work. I checked the status and a part from SIP ERRORS (yellow led is continuos blinking with sound) ... there is written DDNS status .... PREVIOUS IP (of 10 minutes before)...
only after 10 minutes - after several turn off turn on of the device control RRC I believe It appeared the new one...(and correct one).

Since then IT DIDNT WORK ANY MORE..... don't ask me WHY !!!!!

I don't understand....
I just changed the IP (resetting the router)...

Thanks for any help

This is the last screenshot.

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