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Hello Group ,

I am using RRc between my home and remote qth . I am keying remote FT950 via I/O on Control and radio side . Had no issues for 2 years but suddenly I am getting permanent Tx of the remote rig when the I/O RJ 45 followed by 6 mm Key cable (tip and ground ) is inserted on the back or front  cw keying plug on the FT950 .
Took radio RRC home and  just found out that when the miniusb is connected to the RRC miniusb plug in the front , the rig is going in TX . Never had this before and did not update  SW lately .
SW is Ver 2.87

Any help please ? Thank You ,

Best 73 , Jim ON4DS ( ex ON5UM )

Hello Gerry ,

I suppose that You still need some more Beta Testers .
I am available .

Been reading Your mails for a while now since You started the topic.

Thanks for Your efforts ,

73 - Jim ON5UM-OP5T

Dear Friends ,

A while ago some of us had a routine visit from a BIPT (Belgian Telecom authority) control team .
Checking the setup in the shack they saw the Remoterig equipment and did not know anything about it .
They where very clear in saying that according to the Belgian legislation the Belgian Ham has no permission to use his radio remotely as it is connected to a (WW) network .

Checking this with the national UBA president it seems that they are working on getting the issue solved .

Only do they miss a practical example of legislative texts to boost the matter .

As many of You are allready using Remoterig RRC etc... I presume that this is all legally and that hopefully someone can send me a copy of the current legislation
mentioning the remote radio .

Having no permit for erecting some antennes anymore here on my penthouse flat
I am really in need of some good news .

Thank You all for considering any help ,

Best 73 from Belgium ,


Dag Guy ,
Ik denk dat je deze .gif zoekt .
Hoop je van dienst te zijn .
Beste 73 ,


Forgot to mention that the OS was Windows 7 .

Hello Guy and Jan ,
1st posting here.
Reading with much intrest the writings about the COM Ports problem and there obviously high portnrs.
After purchasing only clients as we have servers on post I als, discovered that when installing a virtual port the SW
gave it a number somewhere around 15 or so. As I wanted to use the whole system within N1MM and with a remote prosistel rotor , and only have 1 COMport(PCI)in the "old" PC , I had to use a USB based serial adapter.
Within the configuration menu I could assign a lower nr than "9" as N1MM only uses 8 ports (as yet).I was aware that apparently all "ports" between 1 and 15 where "in use", hi.But choosing one in the single digits group e.g.8 was not creating a conflict and worked marvels.
Only my 5 EU cents ,hi.
Tnx Guys and Guy for the great input here,

Best of luck and I'll keep reading,

73 de Jim ON5UM/OP5T ;

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