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General discussion forum / Re: Power failure
« on: 2019-08-16, 10:41:41 »
Solved. IN0 should not be HIGH when start. My normally situation is every inputs were HIGH.

General discussion forum / Re: Power failure
« on: 2019-08-15, 16:58:57 »
Same feelings with brand new one seria. up 13k. Temperature about +17 now and red and yellow lights and dont start.
Few tryes and it works fine.
I think I have to send it back to check what is wrong.

General discussion forum / Re: Power failure
« on: 2019-08-07, 20:36:13 »
I dont think that any lightnig is reason, this is control head.
I open cover , deassemble wifi. And try again.
It starts  by 12 VDC and contact PC via USB but dont work by USB if take 12 VDC off.
WIFI card is not the problem.

General discussion forum / Power failure
« on: 2019-08-07, 18:14:48 »
Where should I try find problem.
1258 Dont start when connect USB no any lights.
12 VDC AUX/MIC red and yellow lights are on, no green power led.
Two days ago it works fine.

And when 1258 is cold under zero it dont start at all.

General discussion forum / Humming, noise, brum etc
« on: 2017-09-06, 19:26:39 »
I am quite end with this remoterig pair with kenwood ts-480.
No mic lead connected in control rcc( pin 3 disconnected), power 5 W, dummyload. micgain 55,pumping noise disappears( when set to ab. 30) when turn micgain lower, can hear that brum still. When processor is on, noise is huge.
This pair were in remoterig for repair and should be okay.
When put microphone straight to radio sound is perfect.
Any hints
I think I forget my remotestation  dream


Everythin is as before. I can scan wifi network 2,4 Ghz  and it show ok, I add it and put password but it not get IP from router( DHCP).
Another wifi PC ( 2 piece) works normally.

Any another PC:s worko and show also on remoterig wifi

Same problem with TP_LINK , what should I do?

If you mean ts480 mic sound monitor function its OFF.
Also strange is that ALC jumps top when mic gain is 50, when alc is reasonable value mic gain should be 10 or less?

I have same kind of problem includes
srange noise just push PTT. At  5 W kenwood ts 480
It is quite small when mic gain is zero but if you turn mic gain to 1 it starts and getting worse if add power.
Have anyone has this kind of problem

I assembled wifi and it  connect well to my 3 G router.
I have also lumia and samsung phones and there is both possible start wifi basestation but they don show in RCCwifi setup. Both have 4G connection.   My laptop see them.
Only my router tplink pop up?

any answer?

I have now samekind of problem. Setup works when I tested it at home. control (ip on cablemodem router and radio ( on mobile router.
Now I am in remote place and try to test my setup with mobile router(3G IP is 80.x.x.x)  but radio dont start on. Both,  radio and control RCCs are in same router
DDNS status is ok both RCCs. In radio RCC external ip is same as 3G ip
How do I test RCCs only connect them to ethernet switch

General / Re: Control unit 8 voltge lost
« on: 2017-07-25, 16:48:03 »
this in wrong category, should be in RRC 1258


General / Re: Control unit 8 voltge lost
« on: 2017-07-24, 20:43:26 »
Radiosettings ts-480/TM-D710 etc

I have to Order fet I think, where it stand?
Put same packet with my wifi card what i ordered yesterday :D

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