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Yesterday I disconnected the K3 and the K3/0-mini-F from the RR boxes. Configured the K3 to have the rP.H and the K3 Mini to fP.H.
Then I connected both units back to the RR boxes.
The PTT from the MH-2 did not work. Audio was muted when MIC PTT was pushed.
I pushed VOX also, to test and the RX immediately responded, and also Audio.
Both RR boxes are connected via LAN.
The K3/0-MINI-F is using the RRMINICBL. Could this be causing some issues ?
I have configured both RR boxes as K3 Twin.
The mini I received before yearend from Elecraft, the RR  boxes I got August/September 2017.
Is there any need for upgrading the K3 remote head ?
I have upgraded the K3 and the two RR boxes to the latest firmware.


Hi, yes I have full control. Also Power on off of the remote K3.

I need to concentrate on the PTT, as it is working ( Red LED is lighting) if I push the TX button on the front panel of the K3/0-Mini F.
Also the K3 is responding then.
Not When I use the MH-2 mic PTT.

The PTT LED is also responding if the K3/0-Mini F is disconnected to the home RCC.

It seems that the RR is blocking the PTT function when the K3/0-Mini F is connected. Could it be the TTL input who makes the trouble ?

I discovered that the RR manual from Microbit and the Microbit online webpage who is different when it comes to the Jumper settings.
It is Jumper 2.
I do not now if it is relevant ...

I have got a cable set from Microbit to be used without the K3/0-Mini F and the special Elecraft MH-2 cable. I will disconnect theK3/0-Mini F and use the MH-2 and a headset to make it simpler to find the reason for the error.

When I get the PTT to work, then I can check the mic audio. I will try this evening.

Vidar - LA7PKA

Hi, checked the straps. And also made re- strapping. No change. If i disconnect the RR Box, the red TX lights when pushing PTT. I have an K3, updated software, With RRMINICBL . Is there any other strapping needed with this cable ?  Should not be any other setting related bto the remotehead PPT ?

General discussion / Elecraft K3/0 mini, PTT and MH-2 mic
« on: 2018-01-31, 13:20:10 »
Hi, Just connected my K3 to the K3 mini. I do not get the PTT via MH-3 connected to the remote head. It mutes, and no audio in the ALC meter.
It is connected internal in my basement via remote boxes.
TX button on the remote head trig`s the TX, and it flashes red. But not the MH-2 PTT.
So the problem have to be in the remote head configuration I believe ?....
All other seems to react on the remote head commands.
I have configured the boxes as K3 twin, and software is the latest both sides.
Do I need to make any changes to the remote head ? or other way of strapping the remote boxes ?
Any suggestions where to search ?

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