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Anyone has any info on configuration of remote rig for icom 2730 (vhf/uhf) radio.

General discussion forum / RRC com port troubleshooting
« on: 2017-09-01, 18:35:21 »
Dear all,
Based on the information from the forum I tried the COM 1 loop back test by using below method( copied from the forum.)

"A simple test is to use basic terminal program like PuTTy to test the serial port over the RRC link. For this I assume you have both RRC boxes in front of you or can at least reasonably access both ends. Hook up your PC as normal to your chosen RRC control com port and loop back (link pins 2 & 3) on the corresponding RRC comport at the rig end. For this I would disconnect the serial cable directly at the rotator and loop back at the connector. If all your connections are correct you should see your terminal program display every key you press. Once this happens you can discount the RRC. "

But COM port loop back test fail.  It means the RRC box is having any issues and needs repair?

Thanks & regards,

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