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General / Re: RRC nano kenwood & android 7.0 is not working?
« on: 2018-07-04, 22:19:04 »
 still no help with this app i see

General discussion forum / Re: I fixed my latency problem!!!
« on: 2018-03-07, 22:40:39 »
every wifi extender cuts the speed in half  or so i have been told by the geeks lol

General discussion forum / choppy tx audio
« on: 2018-03-05, 00:40:41 »
i have  an remote rig setup with two control heads  using a kenwood ts2000 they both work great when in the house  one is wired and one has a wifi card in it for portable use  i ordered a franklin wifi hot spot on sprint network after testing it using my galaxy s7's hot spot on sprint  it worked great on the phone but now that i switched over to the franklin hot spot  i am told it sounds like i have a cards stuck in a bike spokes choppy on tx only  i did a speed test on the franklin hot spot and it came back 29 ms ping 6 mg up 3 mg down my phone would not even  do 2mg down  and .5 up
i ordered the hot spot because i could get it cheaper than leaving the hot spot on my phone on they wanted 50.00 for 5 gig on my phone ..i found a way to get the franklin hot spot for 20.00 a month unlimited this is why i switched,,  any tricks i should try?

when we setup my kenwood i studied the mic wiring and we found kenwood mics are wired a few different ways  you can add extra jumpers in and make the remoterig work with many of them at the same time

General / Re: RRC nano kenwood & android 7.0 is not working?
« on: 2018-02-17, 13:23:52 »
 no responses  ?

General / Re: nano and galaxy s7 not working
« on: 2018-02-17, 13:21:52 »
i guess the issues with the galaxy and this app will never be addressed sad  :'( 

ok i configured them the same and both work well , i was just not sure if their was any changes that needed to be made now if i only had a good cell company in my area spring 3g sucks

 have my  kenwood st2000 working great and i can run it mobile using my sprint phone's hot spot  when driving  now i want to be lazy and build a 2nd control  for home use  i have a rc-2000  head and a tm-d700 head and they both work i swapped them to test them so any tricks to having them both connect up? i know i can only use one at a time . i figure i will have to turn the power off to the unit not in use  thanks for your input before i order the 2nd control box     mike n8obu

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: TS2000 - RC2000 doesn´t start
« on: 2018-02-03, 21:58:32 »
 if it works plugged right in it to the ts2000 it self  i would reseat the  jumpers i had to make up a new jumper from the control heat to the  box i learned not to over crimp the jacks you end up pushing the pins so far down they don't make a good connections  and my display would dim out until i wiggled the plugs then come back

yes i found it was not storing my changes  when switching from the ts2000 to the ts480 both now work   just not sure what rig i like better lol some times the changes did not store on restarts

 today i swapped from a ts2000 to a ts480  all went well but.. if i turn off the ts480  it turns off then turns it self back on lol if you set the auto power off in the radio it turns off as requested i am sure i missed something simple.   

yes still works with ts2000 just cant get the ts480 to work i see i am not the first person asking this  but they are still looking to get it working 

General discussion forum / Re: Kenwood ts-480 Sat
« on: 2017-12-31, 04:43:44 »
i am having the same issue switching from a ts 2000 to an ts480  tested all cables with out the boxes hooked up just control head to radio  and they work fine , switched the settings to 5 in the controllers applied it and it don't work hook up the ts2000 and switch the settings back  and it works great i wanted to swap rigs for the same reason as the poster i hope some one can help us

ok i have a working system using a ts2000 no issues  i picked up a ts480 sat and would like to be able to swap them out i have made the 6 pin cat cable for the mic and two short jumpers to go from the rigs to the control head and main unit and tested them by hooking the head up and both cables work fine , i have went in and changed the rig types from ts 2000 to ts 480 on  both 1258's and updated it but the rig will not turn on remotely  what an i missing? thanks for looking

General discussion forum / Re: NANO APP ANDROID FOR KENWOOD
« on: 2017-11-23, 14:09:40 »
no support  this sucks i gave up 

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