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General discussion forum / Re: IC7100 issue
« on: 2018-09-12, 10:19:54 »
Just a question: Have you also rebooted power to the body of your IC7100?

I've had several occasions where the IC7100 body iteself had "crashed" and needed to be dis-/reconnected to PSU.


General / Re: Beta versions available
« on: 2016-05-27, 06:08:00 »
Correct, Jan.

On the IC7100 server side I use the "official" Icom CT17.
(don't know if this matters)

On all of my 4 androids the rotary remains very "jumpy"


General / Re: Beta versions available
« on: 2016-05-25, 20:01:16 »
Icom 1.5. works perfectly here.

The only problem that still remains here: tuning accuracy.

The rotary wheel still looses track in steps/position.
It is very hard to exactly tune to a frequency.
Unpolitely described: it feels like a broken opto-encoder...

Most of the time I end up typing in the exact frequency in the freq. pane.


General discussion forum / FT-891 a new Remoterig candidate?
« on: 2016-05-21, 14:41:31 »
Just introduced at Hamvention.
Very compact TRX, has detacheable front panel.

General discussion forum / Fanmail : 5 years with Remoterig
« on: 2016-02-24, 11:35:03 »
Hi Remoterig team,

A short fanmail as I realized I have just passed 5 years of use with my Remoterig setup!

Due to strong interference I started remote'ing my equipment in Jan 2011.
First with a IC-703 followed by a IC-R1500, TS-480SAT and now a IC-7100 with 2 client RRCs & front panels. All are equipped with Wifi boards. I even have a spare radio RRC "just in case" or for a future second setup.

I recently added the RRC Nano App to this system, so the IC7100 is always accessible from phone or tablet.

The RRC boxes have become the core of my remote setup. It is the only device that is always powered and with the IO ports I switch power to antenna switches and a remote PC/SDR receiving setup. The RRC has a nice low current consumption and just refuses to go offline ;-)

With some occasional small trouble (never caused by the RRC system itself but its surrounding IT) it has proven to be ultra reliable and above all ultra enjoyable! I have always been amazed by Remoterigs "real time" feel. As if the system isn't there and you're just using the radio.

All in all it has been a superb solution to escape from the ever increasing urban QRM levels.
It virtually gave me back this hobby.

Therefore; Thanks to all people involved in making Remoterig possible.
On to the next 5 years.


1.3.8: All volumes back to normal.

No scared dog, cat, family and eardrums.

Thanks! Made my day!



Thank you !!!!!  :D

Best 73

I know.

But the app's yellow slider does not work anymore from version 1.3.6 on my phone and two tablets.
(4.2.2, 4.2.2 and 5.0.1)

While global volume (in android) is set to max. every time I start the app or return from screensaving.

This is currently not a handy combination, for the Nano and my eardrums ;-)
I hardly dare using Nano-I this way as I have to grab for the volume buttons to reduce the unexpected high volume each time, and am always too late...

Don't know what I'm doing wrong as I seem to be the only one observing this on 3 devices.
Could it be my server RRC? But then why does the app take over the android volume control?



Nano-I 1.3.7 is still hijacking the phone's global volume control and defaults it to maximum.

The yellow volume slider does not work.


No hurry  :)

Just doublechecked on my tablet; same behaviour.
The global device volume is set to max as soon as the app starts.
The app volume slider does not work.


I noticed the RRC nano has been updated.
A strange (and disturbing) problem occurs:

Every time I start the app, my phone's volume is set to maximum, and the app's own volume control is not functioning.

This means I wake up the house with maximum volume every time I start the RRC Nano :-(

In the version before this update volume behaved normal.


That's what I proposed to Icom some time ago  :D

For now, update is still performed with a Windows application and a triple keypress on the control head.

SD card would be so much easier..


Has anyone ever attempted a IC7100 firmware update through the Remoterig connection?
I have USB connected via CT17 to my Radio RRC.

Possible or thrill seeking? ;-)


General discussion forum / Re: Feature Request
« on: 2015-11-24, 21:43:15 »
Not as elegant as you might wish but a very workable alternative:

A cheap 7" windows tablet.
I use one for several hardware with setup utilities in the field.

Very cheap. I've seen HP stream 7's for around 50-60USD.
To pack they fit flat on the top dimensions of your RRC.

And you can run some other applications as bonus, if needed.

General / Re: tuning accuracy
« on: 2015-10-17, 18:03:00 »
Hi Roland,

Thanks for adding the V/UHF ranges to the Icom Nano for IC-7100!

Tuning is somewhat better now, but still is a bit indecisive/jumpy.

Have you ever considered stepping away from the conventional "tuning wheel" to the "thumbwheel switch" way of tuning?
Simply select the decimal and hit an up/down arrow.

If that would be easier to make accurate, I wouldn't mind missing the tuning wheel.


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