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My trial license has expired (f741).

Two other Amateurs friends have recently purchased IC7100's and RRC remotes. I want to be able to use the RCC Nano Android app on their radios also.

But before I buy the license I need to know if I need anything else?

Bruce W4HI

General / Re: Icom RRC Nano "license expired"
« on: 2018-01-12, 21:40:48 »
Me too, researching how to get license, anybody know how?
Bruce W4HI


Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Couple of things, I was using the WAN Static IP address on Control box for Radio box connection, changed it to the LAN Static IP on Radio Box seemed to improve. I know once I go Remote with control box will have to change it back.

Also found using the WAN DNS instead of the Comcast router DNS of it works more reliable??

Even when I can reach the Radio box with the Webserver, still cant ping the Radio Box that is odd?

Leaving on a trip for two weeks, set a timer to reboot Radio three times a day for now.

Thanks for the reply, I will check that out. W4HI Bruce

General discussion forum / RCC Radio box losses Web server
« on: 2017-12-28, 19:04:15 »
Just purchased RRC-1258 MkII system for IC 7100.

Followed manual and programmed both Radio box and Control box with IC 7100 Control module inside. Version 2.91 in both units. Using Wired Ethernet while on LAN for testing, and diagnosing issues or using RR Wi-Fi for control and wired Ethernet for WAN operation system functions. Also have RR 1332 CI-V installed on Radio box. System is using manual suggested setting for IC-7100 operation.

Using Ethernet switch in shack to Comcast router/modem a distance away, which is providing Static WAN IP and DHCP for Control box.
My issue is system works well for a randomly time both on LAN (Radio & Control) or WAN operation. Suddenly IC-7100 display freezes and then shuts off. If I go to a PC on the LAN I canít reach the Radio Box static IP LAN address (  If I Ping it comes back unreachable. IF I press on/off switch on IC-7100 Display it doesnít turn back on.

To resolve issue, have to reboot Radio box and control box, then it is allowing turning on IC-7100 display and can go to PC on LAN see Webserver page for Radio box.

Thanks for your advice W4HI Bruce

General discussion forum / ICOM 706 cable
« on: 2011-01-21, 05:04:19 »
Does anyone out there make the connecting cables for sale for the ICOM 706 to the remoterig pair?

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