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General discussion / microrig setup
« on: 2015-08-23, 20:10:24 »
Can someone direct me to the instruction on how to set up microrig on my computer so that I can access my K3 using the new andriod app.   Thank you,  Hank K9LZJ

General discussion forum / Frozen Display on K3
« on: 2013-03-25, 18:58:05 »
When I try and connect sometimes the display on the control K3 is frozen.  Yet, I can tune the radio, change bands, etc.
Any idea why this might be happening.  Using the newest software, and a K3 controlling a K3 rig.  73 and thanks,  Hank K9LZJ

Like many I have not yet been able to connect my RemoteRig to the internet using a wireless LAN.  I am using the Cradlepoint CTR35.  I can connect my computer and notebook to the CTR35 and it works perfectly.  The CTR35 is plugged into the same router that my RemoteRig uses without any problems.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what port I should set the RemoteRig to, and if I need to change any of the port setting.  I am using with my RemoteRig and have forwarded this port to 5050.

Thanks for any advice.



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