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Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / Webswitch 1216H
« on: 2019-01-12, 06:00:51 »
Hello All
I just purchased a Microbit smart webswitch 1216H and in the box it says the manual is available online here.
I cannot see any manual for this product here or any where else
This is damn annoying.

Does any one have a pdf manual for this product that they can send me?

Hello All

I purchased a 1258mk11 set-up in November 2010 from HRO.
I am today trying to connect up my RRC (for the first time) to my PC and perform a firmware update.
I am using a PC with Windows XP and the latest version of Microbit setup manager

When I connect the first RRC unit (the one with the cw knob) everything works as described in the manual and I have updated the firmware successfully

When I connect the 2nd RRC unit (without cw knob) the set-up manager does say "RRC connected" but if I press any other tab or button on the software it locks up - ie if I press the "Get" button - I get the Windows hour glass "thinking" symbol and if I click on the Setup Manager window it says the software is "not responding".

Any help to fix this problem would be appreciated

Paul - vk4ma

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