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General discussion forum / Re: Remote works fantastic
« on: 2011-12-07, 20:15:51 »
It gets better! Just worked another station in Germany DG7LAL he was also using the remote rig.
Maybe 1st qso remote to remote across the pond using remoterig? Video for your pleasure.


General discussion forum / Remote works fantastic
« on: 2011-12-06, 23:48:14 »
I have been using the remote for about a week. Using a Icom 706 Mark2G. Icom PW-1 and stacks at my contest qth in Summit, NY.
Here is a few videos of our success so far with the kit.
Hi All,

I am working with Lee WW2DX on the remote here in NY.

I have posted a few videos:  Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 CW keying


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