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General discussion forum / Device Disconnected message
« on: 2015-11-18, 14:37:08 »
Still trying to figure out why Microbit Setup Manager awlays shows RRC to be DEVICE DISCONNECTED.  My desktop uses Win10.
I have set new inbound and out bound rules for Setup Manager in the Win10 Firewall and I have unticked the Power Management boxes in Control Panel Device Manager for all the USB hubs.....I have even performed a refresh install of Win10 which caused the loss of most installed apps but not files.
When I unplug and plug in the USB cable I hear the tone indicating that a device has been attached.  Using FW 2.87 in the RRC and latest 1.28Version of Setup manager.

When I run Setup manager I get the DEVICE DISCONNECTED message in the FW/HW tab .  If I click on Net Info/find and then click Find Devices
the program finds the RRC and I can re-enter the correct IP.  I can also browse to the home page of the RRC by clicking BROWSE and also by entering the IP
in the address bar in the EDGR browser.  So the RRC is connected to the network OK but apparently no to the PC via USB....have tried back panel and front panel USB ports.  Have also configured port forwarding in the router for the IP and port 80.

What else should I look for ??   Anybody have any clue?....In the listing of services running SERVICES.MSC  there a very long lost of features to ENABLE or DISBALE etc...I wonder if there is something there that is not running that is preventing recognition of the RRC....have no clue what to look for.

Frank VO1HP

Running K3/0 Mini and K3 new install.

I am in the midst of trying to find out why CW keying has changed from normal good quality keying to erratic and jumbled.  When first installed about two weeks ago all worked fine but something has changed.  Operated SSCW with no problems..but now last day or so ....  Can only send two dots and third one is "stunted" term I can think of....and a longer series of dots cannot send H or 5 at all.... .....dashes are sent in groups of three.  Keying from M1...M4 is Ok coming directly from K3 and not going over the link.  Will be driving to the site tomorrow to check....

In meantime is someone willing to share with me their RR/C and RR/R settings so that I can double check where I am...I have been changing settings and did not keep original list.

Frank VO1HP

General discussion forum / RRC Keying using WiFi Connection
« on: 2015-11-14, 17:51:10 »
I have the Wifi board installed in the RRC unit .  I usually have the RRC plugged in via Ethernet cable but plan to take it and the K3 Mini on the road. 

When I connect via wifi I am seeing the following. 

When using N1MM+ sending from the paddle (plugged into the RRC) the keyed dots are not clean and erratic.  Sound same if I use the keyboard ESM mode in N1MM.  Useless for on air.   I have  adjusted the COM port speed in N1MM Config area to 9600 and also 4800 but no change...(how could there be when the speed set in the K3 for comms over the link is 38400)

However if I send from the K3 Mini  Memory Slots on the keying is perfect...same as when RRC plugged into the Ethernet cable.

So what is difference sending from the memories vs. sending with the paddle or the keyboard??  Should any settings in RRC or RR R be changed for CW when connected via wifi.  The wifi signal  is -50db .

Frank VO1HP

Got the K3/0 Mini and N1MM+ and remote K3 working now on Win 10 PC using RemoteRig gear:
My steps:

1.  In RRC (RemoteRig Control) Serial Settings set USB ---->COM1 = NO

2.  In RRC I/O Settins set USB DTR CW = COM1

3.  In N1MM+ Configuration:  Radio K3 - COM 7 for rig control -38400 8N1   DTR/RTS Always OFF

4.  In N1MM+ Configuration:  No Radio COM4 for CW Keying and PTT   DTR=CW   RTS=PTT

5.  In K3 Menu CONFIG  PTT-KEY = OFF_OFF      (*also works if set to OFF-DTR)

6. Cables:  USB Cable from RRC Mini USB Jack to PC;  and Elecraft USB/Serial cable from RRC COM1 to PC

N1MM+ reads freq and mode and ESM feature works .

Frank VO1HP

I have K3/0 and K3 remote.  I am using an Elecraft serial USB cable connected to COM1(COM7) to read freq and mode when using N1MM+.  While setting up for CWSS I just discovered that the N1MM+ enter key (using ESM mode) will PTT the rig but no CW is sent.
The rig stays keyed up for the period of the contents of the function key being sent by ESM.    I am connected to COM1 on the RRC unit.

Must be a setting that in correct state?

Frank VO1HP

On this same Win 10 machine....I deleted all the USB Com ports and plugged in the RRC and suddenly the RRC virtual Com ports were created.
DX Commander only works one way DXCommander ---> K3..i.e. can change mode and freq manually. Does not work K3 ---> DXCommander....turning knob and changing mode on K3-0 does not change Commander.

N1MM+ on same machine is working FB reading Freq and Mode.   Go figure.  Something is preventing K3-0 from talking to DX Commander......possibly a setting in RRC Control?

This the error I get when trying to configure DX Commander

CIVComm.ReadPortText: Error reading comm device
30-Oct-2015 01:35:04 > program error 8020 in module
CIVComm.ReadPortText: Error reading comm device
30-Oct-2015 01:35:04 > program error 8020 in module

General discussion forum / Win 10 and Microbit Setup Manager
« on: 2015-10-30, 01:49:11 »
Does anyone know if there is a problem with Win 10 and Microbit manager? my case I can never connect to the RRC Control and virtual com ports are never created.  I have reinstalled Setup Manager several times and also reinstalled Win 10...same result.

Yes I have the USB cable plugged in  and have removed Power Manageent from each USB Root hub. 

This is happening on my main shack PC where I want to run N1MM+ and DXLab  suite.

Frank VO1HP

General discussion forum / Re: Jumpers in RRC Control unit
« on: 2015-10-26, 02:55:09 »
OK MItch

I see the photo of JMP1 plug....I understand now that JMP1 is not on the baby cct board depicted in another picture.

Many tnx

General discussion forum / RRC Control DEVICE DISCONNECTED
« on: 2015-10-26, 00:53:09 »
I have situation here where I want to setup the RRC Control unit on two computers. 

The desktop machine is running WIN 10 and the other is a laptop with WIN 8.1   

The install of MICROBIT setup and virtual serial ports has worked ok on both PC's.   The  RRC box will connect all OK to the Win 8.1 laptop .... and I have finally been able to configure the CAT option via the RRC USB port to key the K3Mini  from N1MM on this machine.  Also working for FREQ and MODE in DX COMMANDER.

However It will not connect to the Win 10 desk top machine which is my core shack PC...always says DEVICE DISCONNECTED.

I can BROWSE the RRC server web page from both machines so it probably doesn't matter if the DEVICE DISCONNECTED message is there on the WIN 10 box...I am just wondering why it does not connect.

Frank VO1HP

General discussion forum / Jumpers in RRC Control unit
« on: 2015-10-26, 00:40:09 »
I see on page 207 of the RRC-1258MKII manual there is a diagram of a small jumper board which is in the CONTROL unit.

Quoted text:  "JMP1 should be in place when using Elecraft MH2 Mic and removed when using for example Heil headset."

I am using a HEIL headset and want to remove that jumper.  The diagram of the jumpers is not clear.  JMP1 must be removed but jumpers are color coded but it does not indicate which one is JMP1 .... no labels just color code.

Can any one claify which is jumper JMP1

Frank VO1HP

General discussion forum / Using remote rig over 3G network.
« on: 2012-11-08, 11:01:43 »
I am K3/100 owner.  Have been contemplating remote rig and K3 twin mainly for 160M Rx/tx.
At the remote location 3G network is the most economical access. Cable tv modem access also available in the area but much more costly.

What has been the experience of users with 3G.?  I would like to discuss with you offline.

73 Frank  vo1hp

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