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          I have a pair of RR1258 MKII devices for my remote base (Kenwood TS480SAT) and all is working fine. However, when I finally tried to use RR Micro (I bought the HW interface and downloaded the current software, rev 1.70), I get the error message that “No such host is known”.

          - I followed the instructions from the RR website.
          - Note that I use DynDns w/port forwarding being that my remote cable modem is Dynamic. So I tried the following:
          - <DynDns address>:<port>  (ex. resulting in the error.
          - Then I tried the direct IP (ex. “111.222.333.444:999”) with the same error.

          My dual RR1258 MKII setup which works fine, uses port 5065 for SIP, 11000 for Audio and 12000 for CMD, so I configured RR Micro with the same parameters.

          By the way, my local RR is not connected to the remote RR when I try to use RR Micro.

          I am open to suggestions as I am certain that I missed one small item somewhere :-)

I need some help in setting-up the RR-1274A in order to be able to use a laptop to remotely run my TS-480SAT.

Note that the system is connected via a pair of 1258-MKII devices and the radio works just fine from my home-based TS-480 control-head & RR-1258 combo.

- The TS-480SAT is connected to the radio's 1258-MKII front COM port via a direct DB9 cable

- I installed RR-Micro and it's working fine.

- Three virtual COM ports appear on the Windows XP laptop: COM 1, 2 and 3. All show that they are associated to "Microbit Virtual COM Port"

- Configured RR-Micro to connect to the RR-1258-MKII and it works (bottom green bar 1/3 up, activity LEDs are OK)

- TS-480SAT 's COM port is set to 9600 8,N,1

- Configured RR-Micro on COM 1, mode 4 (Kenwood), COM PORT: 1  (I also tried TERMINATOR to 00 as it's on the RR-Radio box). COM 0 and COM 2 remain inactive

- I connect to the remote MKII and as noted above, RTP is green, RRC flashed w/activity and Speaker is 1/3 green

- I start the Kenwood ACRP-480 application

- Then under the CONTROL | SETUP, I select COM 1 and 9600 BAUD, TX control DTS (also tried PTT) Kenwood Network Command is NOT checked

- When I click on "CON" to connect, the indicator turns yellow then I get a pop-up message "An unknown device is connected to COM 1 or the BAUD rate doesn't match... etc.)

 - I tried different settings but to no avail.

So I need some help... I am certain that the problem is obvious to someone out there :-)

Thanks Mike... as I suspected, I need to access the BRAKE switch (yep... one side is "hot").

By the way, I had planned on leaving the 1216L outside the box as it is being placed in a small "Tupperware type", quasi-sealed enclosure as is the 1216H (a separate one). The main reasons were to keep them accessible and as these are in a garage, I also wanted to keep the "biological" bugs away :-)

OK... I have the 1216L-5 configured but when it was time to connect it to the Ham-IV rotator control (analog), I encountered a dilemma.

The BRAKE release line controlled by switch S3 is NOT available on the rear terminal. The 8 screw terminals on the back are CW (5), CCW (6), PWR (2), GND (1), POT+ (3), POT- (7), Capacitor (4) and Capacitor (8')... 4 & 8 are not connected to the 1216L

I would like to see how those of you who use the Ham-IV rotator connected your 1216L to the control box.

Looking at the schematic, it seems as if I need to open the controller box and solder two wires to the BRAKE switch (S3) and bring them out. This is the only way I can see how we can activate the BRAKE release switch.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for the info, the 1-W problem is fixed. I have another question but I will start a new topic :-)

Feedback --> The 1216L-5 & Webswitch 1216H work fine thanks to Jan's info. I actually misread the instructions and assumed that I had to scan the 1-W BUS-A. As the rotator and control is not at my home, I could not fully test it but I have enough experience now to wire it up at my remote base on Saturday.

Suggestion --> The 1216L-5 "manual" is spread across many webpages. It would be helpful if we could download the entire manual as one file. I had to print page by page so that I could have something on paper :-)

Thanks Jan... I will have a look tonight when I get back from work  ;)

I need some assistance with my 1216H Webswitch and my 1216L. My goal is to use this to remotely manage a HAM-IV rotator.

At this stage, I have no rotator connected as I am getting familiar on how to configure this at home before a live setup, so my connections are only the Ethernet cable, the USB cable, the DC power (both devices) and the BUS-A 1-wire connection (which is really two wires, “BUS –A” and “0” per the online diagram)

•   Connected +12Vdc to the 1216H

•   Connected the USB cable and configured the 1216H
           I updated the F/W in the 1216H Webswitch to 4.0 (Ham use)

•   I then connected the 1216L to the 1216H per the on-line diagram
      Power in parallel
          1216H #9 “BUS-A” to 1216L 1-W “+“
      1216H #10 “0” to 1216L 1-W “-”

•   When I power the system, the green LED on the 1216L blinks fast then settles @ around 1/second

•   I then connect to the 1216H via my browser (Ethernet cable from router).

•   I followed the instructions regarding “ham mode”, set some rotator controls, etc. BUT it doesn’t work!

•   Problem: When I scan for 1-Wire devices on BUS A, it always says “No Bus-A 1-wire devices found!”
            The 1216H does not seem to see the 1216L-5

So essentially, it seems like the 1216H cannot see the 1216L-5 even though the green LED is flashing at 1/second on the 1216L-5. BUT... On the “System Info” page of the 1216H, it shows "1216L HW >=5, FW 5", which seems to say that it does see the 1216L (which is confusing as it can't find it when scanning BUS-A)

So please help me out here… what am I missing???


Yes there is a restart link on the left of the webpage.

The normal way of updating the remote RRC is via the webinterface

I looks to me that you have not configured your router so you can access the Radio-RRC over internet. You need to forward port 80 to the ip of the Radio-RRC.

port 11000 is normally the audioport and not be accessed from the web browser.

If the radio turns on automatically you have probably set "Auto connect" to yes by mistake, change it back to No

73 de mike

Thanks Mike.!

You were right. The "Auto Connect" was set to "yes". The oddity is that it has been like this since day one and the problem of not being able to shut it down only started to occur recently. In any event, it's fixed!

Noted for port 80 (banging my head on the wall ;-) I forgot to configure the router so I remotely setup the virtual server to port forward to 80 and I am now able to access RR/Radio from home.

As for auto-rebooting, I have ordered an IP based remote power switch which will permit me to power on/off the PSU which feeds the TS-480SAT radio and the RR/Radio.

Status as of this moment:
- Remote radio is working (TX, RX & Control)
- RR/Base and RR/Radio have been updated to the current firmware
- I now have access to the remote RR/Radio via the Internet

My "To Do" list:
- IP based AC power controller has been ordered. This will let me remotely manage up to 8 AC power ports via a web browser.

- Sometimes you need to have someone to tweak you a bit so you can get the desired results ;-)

Nope... I had to have someone power-cycle the RR/Radio (remote radio site) and the TX-audio returned.


Question 1: Is there a way to remote-retart the RR/Radio box?

As you can see on QRZ.COM (W4AFK, bottom of the page), my system goes through routers, cable modems and switches. Now when it works, RR does a fantastic job ;-) However, when this occurs, I need to have someone power-cycle the RR/Radio.

I tried to connect with no success. I was hoping that I would be able to get to the web interface of the RR/Radio and force a reboot.

Question 2: Everything is running so I flashed the new update to RR/Base device. As I don't seem to be able to access the RR/Radio device, I am no longer able to turn the system off. When I turn off the radio via the TS-480SAT RCU, the systems goes OFF then about 2 seconds later, it comes back ON.

I am now headed to the remote base to flash the current f/w to that device too. Is there a way I can perform this task remotely?

Please have a look at the diagram on (W4AFK, bottom of the page)

- TS-480SAT located at remote site w/RR radio
- Control head at my home w/RR Control
- Connection via cable modem... all works fine (most of the time)

The problem: There are times when I can connect to the radio, manage it and receive audio. However, when I go to TX, there is no power output and no TX audio. In most cases, the problems goes away by itself but it could take hours or minutes.

What I have done so far:
- Power cycled the RR control box
- Power cycled the router and cable modem

When I check the status of the RR device, I see no errors (SIP, etc.) and everything matches the screen dumps I made when I configured the system (always good to be able to compare).

Any ideas on diagnosing the problem would be very helpful.

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