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New RRC set
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Testing via home LAN (0 ms latency)

Playing a single dash results in transmitting three dots. If I want to send two dashes the TCVR sends 5 dots instead. Dots I can send just fine, it's only the dashes that it doesn't generate. However, I can hear my CW just fine from the TS-480 panel, but the TCVR transmits only dots, not a single dash. I first observed it as I attempted to make a test QSO. The station I called as "de ve3vee" answered: "h5hee" or something like that. That gave me the idea to monitor my transmitted signal with another RX.

I played with the delay settings, but that has no effect on anything as there's no latency issue here (testing just via home LAN).

I searched this forum, but it seems no-one has posted about this issue before.

73 de VE3VEE

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